Such undertaking as organizing professional working areas in the restaurant, although frustrating, is also somewhat exciting. There are so many considerations to evaluate before purchase, but at the same time, lots of suppliers take care of client satisfaction and ensure first-class products, including wall-mounted metal shelving, shelves made of wood, and units created from plastic. So which one is better to pick? Can these materials be combined in one kitchen, for example, the stainless steel wall shelf and the wired plastic unit, and what are the risks that come with one or another option? Let’s check.

Sturdy restaurant equipment to serve as long as possible

Save money with plastic. When it comes to picking the wired wall shelves or a system of vertical units that create a set of functional tiers where you can store items, objects, and utensils, there are vital things to keep in mind. A professional kitchen is a place where every ingredient, small bottle, and weighty pot must have a solid spot for storage. It means that the shelf must have a required weight capacity. Otherwise, it will create lots of risks. And as you might have guessed, plastic shelves, although pocket-friendly, will not be able to fulfill this need. Dealing with arranging private space, plastic can come in handy. However, for restaurants, this is not the right solution. Apart from storage inability, such units are prone to mildew creation and bacteria accumulation. And cooking dishes for visitors of a food establishment, there won’t be enough time to fight these troubles.

Wooden aesthetics. What are your top priorities when setting up and outfitting an area for your staff to work? It definitely should be ergonomic criteria. Durability comes next. And bacteria resistance is another no less important feature. You have to think carefully about which positions on such a list are occupied by a good atmosphere and beauty. Obviously, for intensive performance, these characteristics are not crucial. However, for private use, most homeowners seek exactly enhanced aesthetics. Unfortunately, with vertical wooden shelves, issues will pop up a mile a minute in the harsh conditions of restaurants and cafes. And while, at home, such issues can be easily eliminated, for commercial spaces, it can be a destructive factor. Of course, if you will thoroughly plan the upkeep and your personnel will be ready to treat wooden surfaces, you can opt for them. However, if you consult with experts in this field, they will definitely state that for restaurant shelving, stainless steel is something that will help you to meet all the norms whilst creating a pleasant working environment will be an easy task.

Steel unit is what you’ve been seeking for so long. If you don’t want to be encumbered with constant repair, fixing, and treatment with special anti-pests and anti-fungus products, but want to enjoy constant tidiness and cleanliness, then the most proven solution is stainless steel wall shelf. It won’t bring any functional and cleaning hassles but will ensure sound storage surfaces. You can invest in several types of materials. Thus, a wall unit for large appliances can be made of steel, while a wired shelf for keeping perishable products can be made of plastic. But always assess all pros and cons before making a final choice.