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Call them slot machines, fruit machines, poker machines, or even one-armed bandits… they are all names for the same thing: one of the most popular gaming machines of all time.

So, it was no surprise to industry experts that when the online version of slots appeared – they became instantly very popular too.

In fact, the internet version of the good old slot machine has proved to be amazingly successful. While online technology can make all sorts of new complex games possible, the format of the simple slot game makes it ideal for internet use, because it’s so fun, fast, and easy to play.

Players no longer have to make the effort to go out to a special venue to enjoy the simple thrill of having a game – instead, they can visit a slot website anytime, anyplace.

It can be a long comfortable session on the sofa at home – or a quick game or two on the way to work. It’s so easy to get the quick buzz of gaming action.

Of course, the formula is the same as with the classic physical slot machine: there are few rules to learn, and anyone can pick up the idea of the game almost instantly. There’s nothing to set up, you just spin and play.

That means online players can easily log on to their favorite casino site and play a quick game to get a short, easy, convenient thrill. Or stay as long as they want, whenever they want.

Much of the recent worldwide boom in online casinos is thanks to the huge and growing appeal of internet slots. They never seem to lose their appeal.

Web developers and game designers realize that slots are still dominating the online casino industry. That means that they’ve been given great freedom to create new versions of the slot game as rival casinos try to capture new players’ attention.

That means thousands of new slot games have appeared with a wide range of presentations and themes. There are slots featuring graphics of everything, including sports videos, favorite TV shows, cartoon characters, fairy tales, magic, and blockbuster films.

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Slots games can be based around unique locations.

Other new online slot games can be based around travel destinations like Las Vegas, London, or Paris, or have themes from ancient histories, like Rome or Egypt. This level of creative game development is very likely to preserve the popularity of online slots – and may even boost the playing numbers still further.

There are so many versions of online slots to choose from it is sometimes hard for players to decide which to play. Here’s a list of some of the best online slots to help you choose what sounds like the most fun:

Raging Rhino

One of the best-known and popular slots, the classic Raging Rhino game has an extraordinary number of pay lines… there are more than four thousand ways to win this game. It’s always over-the-top fun, with six reels and 50 ways to get free spins.

Cash Wizard

Instant fun is available on the Cash Wizard game, thanks to all the features of a classic Vegas-style online slot. You’ll soon find there are lots of ways to win – and the maximum prizes are temptingly big.

Game of Thrones

Fans of the epic fantasy TV show will love the Game of Thrones slot. Even if you’ve never seen a minute of it, there’s a great sense of adventure about aiming for ‘The Iron Throne. Expect frequent payouts – there are 243 ways to win.

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Miss Kitty

Cute graphics and cheeky feline themes will attract the keenest cat lovers… a big $100,000 maximum payout will lure everyone else to this great slot game.


It’s an oldie but still highly rated by fans of history and warfare – the five-reel Gladiator casino slot has a great mix of payouts, pay lines, bonuses, and free spins… and it’s all based around the theme of the Gladiator blockbuster movie.


Another online slot that still seems as exciting as the 1986 movie it’s based on. You get first-person shoot-em-up style animations along with classic casino-type playing. Maximum payout comes if you make it to the highest level – and destroy the alien queen; A lot of the male players love this theme.

Family Guy

Like the TV cartoon series? You’ll love the slot version. It’s just as crazy and funny, so you’ll be smiling as you keep winning…

Prince of Olympus

In the beginning, there was The Age of the Gods series of themes from Playtech… And this is the latest in the sequence of games themed around Ancient Greek mythology. Find lots of extra features that keep the interest and excitement to the maximum.


The online slot version of the world-famous board game is a great fun six-reel design. Expect all the classic Monopoly features and graphics, plus lots and lots of pay lines and big maximum wins.

Rainbow Riches

Another of the popular favorites, Rainbow Riches has inspired hundreds of follow-up games trying to capture the fun-filled theme of Irish luck. The original is still the best though and that’s why so many keep coming back to it. Expect simple gameplay with great graphics and animations, all spiced up with a host of extra features.

Whatever your interests or preferences there are online slots out there for you. The numbers and styles of slot games are increasing all the time – it’s clear this classic format is going to be thrilling players for a long time yet.