Fear Street Part 3

Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy has come to an abrupt halt with Fear Street Part 3 (1666).

Part 2 was teased after Part 2. The final movie marked an improvement from the slasher atmosphere of the first two. It took the audience back to 1666 and began the curse that has afflicted Shadyside for centuries.

Did Sarah Fier commit the crimes or was there some evil hidden in Shadyside? We now know all the answers, but if you still have questions or are unsure how it all fits together we can help.

It is important to understand the basics of it all. Spoilers For Fear Street Part 3, 1666 You should not be able to see the movie if you haven’t.

Fear Street 3 ending explained

Although Kiana Madeira, Ashley Zukerman, Olivia Welch, and Ashley Zukerman might be back in the third movie for at least the first hour, they aren’t the characters we remember from the previous two movies.

Instead, they are playing the roles of characters in 1666 who were involved in Sarah Fier’s hanging. Madeira plays the role of the supposed witch, and Welch plays Sarah Miller’s girlfriend Hannah Miller in a lovely echo of Deena & Sam’s 1994 relationship.

Deena does not see time travel as she only sees the 1666 events, which are the events that led to the curse that has plagued Shadyside for centuries. It’s revealed in the final twist that Sarah Fier wasn’t responsible for the curse. Sheriff Goode (Zukerman), was the ancestor of Solomon Goode.

As Sarah and Hannah were getting intimacy in the woods that night, Solomon broke into Widow Mary’s home (Jordana Spiro, who played Ruby Lane’s mother in the other movies) and stole her spellbook.

He used the “Simple Exchange” spell to make a deal in return for his wealth with the Devil. Solomon needed to offer “single Soul” every few years, and turn them into murderers so that the Devil could eat the blood of their victims.

Pastor Miller was the first victim, killing 12 children including Sarah’s younger sister. However, because rumors about Sarah and Hannah were spreading throughout Union, they were accused, among other things, of conspiring with Satan to bring the curse upon all.

Solomon used this advantage to his advantage. Sarah escaped his clutches but not before he cut off his hand, mind. Solomon then caught up with Sarah and offered him his Union friend. Hannah and Sarah were about to be executed as witches. Sarah saved Hannah when she confessed to being a witch to save her.

Solomon was prepping Sarah for hanging. Sarah offered Solomon a warning. “The truth will come out… It will be your curse. It will stay with you for all eternity. I will follow you for all eternity. I will show them all that you’ve accomplished. I will never let them go.”

Fear Street Part 3

Sarah’s family moved Sarah’s body from underneath the hanging tree, so nobody could find her. The sign we saw in 1978 “The witch forever live” was left behind by her friends. Though we believed anyone who bled upon Sarah’s body was a curse, Sarah just wanted to let them know what happened in 1666.

Deena, who was at Sarah’s grave in 1994, is then cut. Sheriff Nick Goode appears and kicks off the bloody conclusion to the trilogy. Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr.), hears everything from her and the two steal Nick’s car when he tries finding them in the woods.

Nick has continued the deal Solomon began in 1666 with the Devil. He offered Shadysiders to the Devil and made them killers. As a result, Nick gets everything he wants. Sunnyvale also gets “better” (Union was split in Shadyside/Sunnyvale at the settlement’s end).

Deena, Sam, Sarah, and co. weren’t the undead killers who were coming after them because Sarah had a taste. The Devil sent them to stop the Goode family secret from being released. Deena now has all the information and can bring back the killers.

Ziggy (Gillian Jacobs), who had unwittingly assisted Nick in finding Deena, and Shadyside Malljanitor Martin (“Darrell Britt–Gibson”) come up with a plan for luring the killers to the mall. They then trap them inside and set Nick up to kill them.

It doesn’t all go as planned. Deena follows Nick into the tunnels under Shadyside. These are the same tunnels Sarah attempted to escape through in 1666. The tunnels lead to the Goode home, where they had performed their rituals over the years.

Martin, Ziggy, and Josh fight the undead killers inside the mall. Nick staggers Deena (unaware that she was wearing body armor made from books), and he puts his hand on a mound of organs that grew since 1978.

Nick sees flashes revealing the names of all the victims of the Goode’s deal with Satan over the years. This includes Sarah. Deena is then able to give Nick a stab in the eye to end her curse. Sam is freed from the Devil’s control and the undead killers vanish.

Deena & Sam witness a car wreck when they enter Nick’s Sunnyvale luxurious home (also connected via the tunnels). The news reports about how “all is not right in Sunnyvale” have emerged and the evidence surrounding Nick’s involvement in all of the recent deaths in Shadyside.

Ziggy takes Mrs. Lane to pick up the lost 1978 diary. Josh meets with Sarah online, and Deena creates a memorial for Sarah in the woods.

Do you think it’s a happy end? Well, not exactly. After a short credits scene, we are taken back into the tunnels to see the book again. Just before the movie ends, somebody grabs the book and it is gone.