SIf the contractual relationship between Barca and Messi were a statement from the Treasury, Messi would still be paid back. Every penny of each of his contracts is fully justified, sweated, and completed by the footballer. On the pitch, Messi has done what was expected of him: to be the best in the world in each and every season. Not all your peers can say the same. Sports performance is beyond question. One can only think what would have happened to Barca if Messi did not cross his path.

In the global repercussion, the same. Messi’s shirt and, therefore, Barca’s, is in the last hole on the planet. The economic returns are also evident. Logically, the relationship also has a correspondence. One wonders what would have happened to Messi without the protection of a gigantic club like Barca and, of course.

Without the formidable generation of teammates who have sponsored him throughout all these years. However, history offers compelling answers. There is a Barca without Messi and another with Messi. It happens that the exclusivity of El Mundo puts on the table that, without the coldness of economic analysis, the figures and concepts sound scandalous.

What is that to charge for being loyal to a club? The reality is that it does not matter what concepts Messi takes. The important thing is the profitability of the final figure. And as soon as it is analyzed, it seems clear that Messi has made more euros than he has taken.

It is not his fault such disastrous management as not having the ability and empathy to renounce Neymar, sign like crazy -Griezmann, Dembele, Coutinho- or give away Suarez. No, Messi has not ruined Barca. Messi has been paid as the best and he has delivered. The economic ruin is that now they cannot pay you. And moral ruin is trying to destroy it. As if the contracts were only signed on one side. More misses and less miserable.


When a team seizes the leadership and holds it in the long haul, several factors often come together. The main one, that he plays well, that he is solid and that he maintains an unalterable balance. It’s called performance. It’s called Atlético de Madrid. In addition, there are factors in which it has no direct influence that is also part of that downwind. Atlético has had two games with friendly refereeing: Luis Suárez’s penalty in Eibar and Koke’s no penalty in Cadiz. That nothing happens. That Atlético did not want. That the only thing that counts is match by match. But there it is.


Every time the Madrid environment talks about the Super League with an eagerness to escape, to escape the ruin of the national championship, a kitten dies. Where would Madrid be in that supposed Super League with the current squad? A staff that has been losing value and, from what it seems, even the interest of those who have the obligation to reinforce it, stuck in cranes, as Relano says.

There is a sloppiness in sports management that is reflected in a calamitous performance in the League, Cup, and Super Cup. The nets are filled with virtual recreations of the new Bernabéu, with the grass rising and falling, while Arribas and Mariano warm-up to come back against Levante.