Stranger Things Season 4

There have been rumours and reports about the Stranger Things season 4 release date for quite a while. A 2021 release date appeared pretty promising months ago, but it’s not looking like this anymore.

Days ago, Stranger Things celebrity Finn Wolfhard said Stranger Things season 4 would be published in 2022.

In a letter to shareholders following the Q1 earnings forecast, Netflix abandoned Stranger Matters season 4 off the list of big Netflix movies and shows coming later this year. This list included Money Heist season 5, You season 3, The Witcher season 2, Sex Education season 3, and more big Netflix shows and movies.

An individual would assume that if Stranger Things season 4 had been coming to Netflix later this season, that would be the series that Netflix would want to share with all the shareholders, right? Stranger Things is the biggest Netflix series. Netflix would want to hype up that show over any others and allow shareholders to know this series is coming back shortly.

When Is Stranger Things Season 4 Coming Out?

Now, Netflix could be maintaining the release date secret, but I don’t think that’s the play here. With how things are going, Netflix would need folks to know Stranger Things is coming shortly.

Stranger Things season 4 is likely coming in 2022, also there are a combination of reasons why I think that will be the case.

Stranger Things Season 4

Yes, there are a lot of time left in 2021 for the season to be published, I agree. However, there’s a lot working against a 2021 release date at the moment.

Most importantly, the series remains filming. Stranger Things requires six-plus months following the end of production for all of the consequences and post-production work and marketing. We heard from Sherman Augustus on Instagram, a new cast member for season 4, that manufacturing was expected to continue until August 2021. If creation lasts that long, the year will not be ready for a December release date.

As we have mentioned before Caleb McLaughlin told Teen Vogue that production isn’t back to normal however. Scenes with a lot of people aren’t being filmed yet, and we have to imagine that’s because of COVID-19 limitations.

We discussed McLaughlin’s comment below, through Teen Vogue:

“Everything is backward because of Covid. When there’s a scene with extras, then we can not film with everybody at this time. We have to just film scenes where there are fewer individuals, thus we have to start from a subsequent episode. We will not begin at episode one, we’ll start at episode five,” Caleb says. “It is very weird there’s so much going on in the world at this time.”

So, according to what we’ve heard and not heard, it seems like Stranger Things season 4 is headed for an early 2022 release date.

Again, Netflix has not supported a 2022 release date, but the streaming system had a chance to confirm a 2021 release date and did not.