Former WCW President Eric Bischoff was recently interviewed on SportsKeeda. Among other things, Bischoff spoke about Erick Rowan, the potential he treasured, and how he could have enhanced his WWE career. Here are the most prominent statements.

I saw a lot of potential in Erick Rowan
When I was in WWE, I saw a lot of potential in Erick Rowan. Erick could have become an excellent fighter on the microphone. I worked with him about three or four times and helped him improve when it came to making promos. He always listened to me carefully and he processed the information calmly. He concentrated and reflected on what he had said.

Erick Rowan could have had a better WWE career
When I see someone who really concentrates, who listens and tries to process and absorb all the information … You know, this is essential. You need to be willing to listen and learn, as well as to do anything else. you want, then you’re not going to focus and you’re not going to learn anything. Erick was looking forward to it. I think with the right manager I could have had a better WWE career. Erick Rowan is just one example. There are many.