” Equinox ” is a Nordic suspense series that premiered on Netflix on December 30, 2020. The story follows a woman who is haunted by various visions, combining different realities that fans have loved. There is a fascinating mystery, many twists, and of course moral complexities that fans have compared to other Netflix series.

In fact, there are even supernatural events with some familiar vibes reminiscent of ” Dark .” The first season of ” Equinox ” was well-received by fans, so more than one is now wondering if there will be a second season of the show or if Netflix will decide to cancel it.

The Danish series follows radio host Astrid, whose sister disappeared in 1999 along with 20 other students. The students’ disappearances sparked a lot of conspiracy theories, so there’s a chance that a second season could explore some of the other beliefs the show didn’t resolve.

Now, ” Equinox ” has some elements that have not been fully explored that could be part of a second season, although the streaming company may also decide to keep it as a limited series of six episodes. Here’s what Express says about a possible part 2.

Will There Be A Second “equinox” Season?

Season 1 of “ Equinox ” premiered on December 30, 2020, on Netflix, with a total of six episodes. The ending answers many of the important questions, and yet there are several others that need closure, but the lingering holes in the plot leave you wanting for something more.

What is known is that ” Equinox ” was not created to be a solo series. There are more stories to tell and more details to reveal. Therefore, if the audience response to the first season meets Netflix’s expectations, the series will be renewed. If that happens, we can expect “ Equinox ” season 2 to premiere sometime in early 2022.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the entertainment industry hard, especially film and television productions. However, in recent months the companies have resumed their activities, and, considering that Netflix is ​​behind the production of this program if part 2 is renewed, it would go into production as soon as possible.

Regarding the plot, fans know that in 1999, nine-year-old Astrid receives extremely shocking news: a whole class of students, including her sister, disappears without explanation. Traumatized by the incident, Astrid is still plagued by horrible visions.

By 2020, you can move on, but then you receive a call from one of the three survivors from 1999, who speaks to you through his radio show. This causes Astrid to investigate the mystery behind the disappearance of all these people and how it was possible that nothing was known about them in more than 20 years.

The end of the first season leads Astrid to find some conclusive answers, which also involve her mother. Although the ending is mostly final, there are some unsolved stories. What are the origins of some of the characters? What will happen to X now? We hope that season 2 will give some answers to all these questions.