Netflix premiered the long-awaited fourth series of Spanish youth series Las Encinas, Elite on June 18, with lots of drama, intrigue, new couples, and a lot more.

While the transmitter has not revealed the launch date for Elite Season 5, which will be featuring new characters, it does know that filming will start soon.

As the fans wait for new episodes, Elite stars Manu Ris (Patrick), Aron Piper(Ander) revealed which pair they will never be able to see as viewers form.

Even though some believe that everyone slept together in the Netflix series’ fourth season, two characters are not compatible with each other according to the explanations by the stars.

As we all know, Omar Ayuso and Ander were overpowered by Patrick (Manu Riso). Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Guzman(Miguel Bernardeau), and Ari (Carla Diaz) fought for Ari. Rebeka [Claudia Salas ] fell in love (Martina Cariddi) with Mencia (Martina Cariddi) while Cayetana (“Georgina Moros”) had a toxic affair with Philippetana (Pol Grinch).

Fans are still wondering if the elite actors can create something different for the fifth season. But the elite actors have a unique idea about the couple you won’t see in the film. Sensacine asked Manu Rio to reveal the impossible couple, and Aron piper confirmed that it was Omar Guzman.

Manu & Aron think that it is impossible to form a relationship between Guzman & Aron.