Las Encinas has earned a reputation as a high-school steeped in murder and money. Season 4 Netflix’s Elite-only adds to this image. The new season is a Spanish soap drama about adolescent Spanish. It features a murder investigation, new sexually active youth, and a reunion with old classmates.

Netflix premiered Season 4 of Elite this weekend. Many fans have been watching the eight new episodes over and over on Netflix. After Polo’s death was solved in season three, the Las Encinas students had to deal with four new classmates. The story also featured a fresh investigation.

The drama ends dramatically with the reveal of the perpetrator and additional information about another crime. Meanwhile, the lake is used as a cover-up.

A fifth season is expected to be a success, which is understandable considering the drama has many loose ends. There are also romance plotlines and the mystery about the body in Lake.

Elite Season 5 Story

Netflix went on Twitter in May 2020 to announce season 4, along with a video that included the cast members. Netflix also announced on February 2021 that the show would be extended for a fifth and final season.

Netflix usually releases new seasons every Season. Elite Season 5 may be released as soon as June 2022. There will be 8 episodes in Season 5.

Valentina Zenere (Argentina) will play Sofia. Andre Lamoglia (Brazilian) will play Gonzalo. Netflix has also cast Eric, a French actor.

Elite’s Season 5 story will focus on the Blanco Commerford clan. Ari and Mencia inform their dad about Armando’s affair with Ari, prompting Benjamin’s fury. You can expect minor characters to return in the next episodes. Additionally, you will find additional information on the real intentions of Las Encinas’s principal.

No program offers as many hot, heavy entanglements. Although some couples seem to be more stable, it will still generate trouble. High school love triangles are common, and the new children will certainly cause problems!