Elite season 4 is finally here! While we understand most fans are diving deep into the most recent season as we speak, there are those that are holding to check in on whether the series has a fifth season. The solution could have them racing to watch now or delaying to enjoy the series while they still can.

We know how it is. Netflix is the wielder of the murdering scythe after all. We’re six months into 2021 and they have already axed four displays such as Jupiter’s Legacy, a succession which was supposed to become just another juggernaut on the stage, and Grand Army.

Is Elite Season 5 Happening?

So, where does that leave Elite? Well, you’ll be happy to know the series was revived for season 5 well before its fourth season. Deadline announced that the renewal back in February and news of two extra cast members Valentina Zenere and André Lamoglia linking the series.

With more students going into the fray in Las Encinas, it has us wondering, if anybody, from the OG cast, is leaving next. Perhaps Miguel Bernardeau who performs Guzmán Nunier? He’s set to star in the surf drama Playa Negra that is currently in development.

However, with no official statement was made on who might be leaving the series, we’ll have to leave this up to Elite season 4 to provide us a few clues on who is staying and who is going. We could, however, speculate on when fans can anticipate the premiere of this show’s fifth season.

Elite Season 5 Release Date

As with most series, after Elite concludes its latest season, it will enter hiatus until the following calendar year. IMDb lists season 5 as with a 2022 premiere date.

While casting news for its season coming months before its season 4 introduction is a good sign the ball is already rolling on creation for period 5, we’re hesitant to say that means fans can expect the string to return at the very top of 2022.

At the first, the fifth season could land on Netflix in March 2022. There was just a seven-month gap between the third and second seasons of this show which broke the classic year-long wait most series are famous for. Perhaps season 5 will follow a similar pattern, though we have erred on the side of caution by including two buffer months.

In case Elite’s fifth season does not premiere in the spring then fans can expect to get a summer launch around June that will put the series back from the one-piece hiatus tradition. It’s unlikely the show will go back to fall premiere dates as it had in its first and second season.

We’ll keep you posted on more Elite season 5 news as it rolls in.