We need more drama. Thankfully, Elite season 5 is going to give it to us. Elite may look like your usual teen drama. The show focuses on the life of students at Las Encinas secondary and the challenges they face as they grow up.

Elite’s first season was a bit unpredictable, but Elite is much more dangerous due to the unexpected twists that were introduced. Season 4 has only been available on Netflix. However, that hasn’t stopped Elite fans from asking when they can watch the fifth season.

Elite Season 5 Cast

On Monday, August 20, elite, a few months after Season 3 was dropped, confirmed on Twitter that the original stars Itzan Escamilla and Miguel Bernardeau (Guzman), Aron Piper (Ander), Omar Ayuso(Omar), Claudia Salas-Rebeka), and Georgina Amos (Cayetana), would all reprise their roles in season 4. Season 5 will not be the same as previous seasons. This is because several of its main cast members had to go. A few weeks before Season 4 aired on TV, Bernardeau posted a Twitter message saying goodbye to Executive. It confirmed Guzman would not be participating in Season 5.

Guzman is a key character. His departure is not surprising, however, considering that Season 4 saw him embark on a backpacking tour around Europe with Ander. The ending also seemed to hint Ander may not return for Season 5, but Piper has yet to confirm or deny if he will be in the upcoming season or not.

Some characters are likely to be seen are Elite’s four new cast members, Ari (Carla Diaz), Mencia(Martina Cariddi), Phillipe, and Phillipe. They play the principal of Las Encinas and the high-profile aristocrat that was transferred into the school due to a scandal. Season 4 ended with four new characters and a storyline to continue in a new season.

Elite Season 5 Plot

Season 3 wrapped up the mystery surrounding Marina’s suicide. Season 4 brought new drama and will carry that story into Season 5. Season 4 featured a central mystery that revolved around Ari’s drowning in a lake. The principal’s daughter, Ari, was able to survive the attack. But Guzman discovered the man behind the attack and killed him. Sam and Rebe joined him in covering it up. Season 5 is likely to be another cover-up story, as another secret murder has been committed.

Elite Season 5 Premiere Date

Elitehasn’t been following a steady release pattern. In the past, seasons have dropped in spring, fall and summer. Season 5 is due to release sometime in 2022. But, an exact date remains unknown.

Elite Season 5 Trailer

Season 5 will be out in the future, so fans won’t get an early look. Fans can follow this space to receive more information as they arrive.