A successful series allows young actors to travel to events and be promotional actors. It’s no surprise that Elite actors have developed close friendships. It happened already with the first generation. Several couples emerged, including Alvaro Rico, Esterexposito, Maria Pedraza & Jaime Lorente. You could often see them posting pictures on social media in many different scenarios. They have all become busier with their work, which has helped reduce the initial excitement of love.

A similar story continues with Elite’s fourth-season debutants. These new faces have been sharing their joy for months by publishing photos of various moments together.

Martina Cariddi & Carla Diaz have been showing that they have become close friends over the years after agreeing to produce the hit Netflix series. Manu, Patrick, is also frequently seen in the Instagram feeds. Just recently, the trio went on vacation to Ibiza to visit friends. It seems that filming the fifth season has ended. Or it could be a temporary pause that will resume soon.

Martina Cariddi, however, is proud to have recently published a collection behind Elite’s cameras on the social network. The message included a love note to the cast members, “Thanks, coworkers.”

The images might be from the fourth season. However, some photos of cast members make us believe they are behind-the-scenes images of what will hopefully be the fifth installment. Below is Martina’s post.

Valentina Zerre and Andre Lamoglia will play the two new Elites. For their part, it is certain that Carla Diaz/Manu Rios/Martina Cariddi and Pol Grinch – who have not yet been on a trip together but were present at a recent promotional event in Paris – will return as Ari and Mencia in season 5.

The trio of interpreters responsible for ordering the Benjamins have a blast on Ibiza boasts of friendships, holidays, and some changes to their ‘looks’ that could also be proof that the shooting is over.