Eleveo workforce management solutions include contact center management software, workforce analysis tools, and more. We can help you streamline your contact center operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Take Advantage of our Integrated Systems

Introducing Eleveo’s contact center integration with Cisco’s customer journey platform, Webex Contact Center. With this integration, you can leverage Eleveo’s powerful workforce optimization, workforce management (WFM), and quality management tools and capabilities – in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.


  • Eleveo brings your Webex contact center solutions to the cloud or in a hybrid environment with low cost and minimal complexity.
  • Eleveo reliability enables you to deploy now in U.S., U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Partner with Eleveo to access and integrate their solutions into your Webex contact center.

Why Eleveo’s Workforce Management Systems

Eleveo’s workforce management system will examine data to streamline your contact center operations using service level management by reviewing and improving service levels. Implement workforce management by planning, scheduling, and managing your contact center workforce; and with performance management analytics that identify issues and suggest areas for improvement.

  • Schedule to meet customer demands: Customers should always come first – that’s why call center schedules are designed to accommodate them. Most customers expect to be able to contact customer service at any time, day or night. To make this possible, you need to have the right number of qualified agents in place at all times. With Eleveo’s workforce management software platform, your team can track real-time data to better understand if incoming customer requests exceed agent capacity so you can make necessary adjustments on the fly.
  • Know your staffing requirements: To get a more accurate estimate of how many staff members you’ll need, look at your call center’s historical data. Are there certain times in the year (or days) when calls are higher or lower? Identifying these patterns will give you a better idea of what to expect. If you know of any upcoming marketing campaigns, factor in the extra customer service calls you might receive.
  • Quickly resolve problems: When unexpected issues arise, it’s crucial to have a workforce management tool that can help you quickly resolve them. With Eleveo, you can readily adjust and address increases in customer activity, whether it’s due to outages, product recalls, severe weather, or press coverage. Having a real-time response to issues can help you keep your customers happy and avoid any negative publicity.

How Eleveo scores over other WFMs

  • Eleveo’s workforce management software offers a significant improvement over outdated spreadsheet processes that hinder the contact center’s ability to do more with less while improving results.
  • Today’s contact centers are challenged to do more with less while improving results and are searching for innovative ways to get the most out of their agents.
  • Eleveo’s workforce management achieves goals for contact centers by engaging agents, strengthening schedule optimization, standardizing reporting, and streamlining agent workflows.
  • Quickly resolves any WFM issue with its 24/7 support team.

Improve Your Contact Center WFM Capabilities 

Some agents may be skeptical of workforce management software, feeling as if it is spying on them, but Eleveo’s WFM solutions can have a significant positive impact on the agent experience.

By using workforce management software, agents can better predict and plan for customer demand, freeing up time to focus on the interactions that matter most.

Additionally, using Eleveo’s WFM solutions benefits customers as well by automating complex scheduling and approving requests more easily.

For example, with Eleveo’s Conversation Explorer, you can easily categorize and sort omnichannel customer interactions. Search analytics streamlines your ability to find relevant interactions and elevates quality management with fully integrated interaction playback for all channel types in a single workflow.

With Eleveo workforce management elevated solutions, contact centers can effectively manage their employee resources and achieve optimal performance. Eleveo’s solutions provide an efficient and effective way to manage employee contact data, schedules, and communication, ensuring that contact centers are able to provide high-quality customer service.