Amazon Prime released the first season of El Cid. The series featuring Jaime Lorente, famous for his participation in La Casa de Papel, brings the story of the legendary Spanish warrior. With that, the rumors and questions when the second season of the series start to emerge. Well, we have gathered everything that has been released so far.

After all, will El Cid win Season 2?

The first season of the series was released on December 17th. So it is too early to say that El Cid is renewed for the 2nd season. However, some American portals already give the production as renewed, although, Amazon Prime itself has not officially confirmed.

Certainly, positive reception from both the public and the critics can help the renovation. Finally, what reinforces the renewal, is the fact that the series is inspired by real events, which can help a lot, the series to win new episodes.

Air Date: What day does the second season of El Cid arrive?

In turn, the series premiere revolves around when the series will be renewed. But, we point out that generally, Amazon Prime productions tend to be updated within a maximum interval of one and a half years. That way, we will be able to see new episodes of El Cid, arriving only at the beginning of 2022.

Another important point to highlight is that the series has a Spanish origin, and is recorded in the country. In the country, the pandemic still affects several productions and, the recordings of the series can be impacted.

Plot: What will happen?

In the final episode of El Cid, we saw that, after receiving the news about Fernando’s illness, Sancho and his troops return to Leão. Ruy tells his grandfather that Flaín sent someone to kill him. Rodrigo knows that his grandson’s life is in danger. Flaín does not give up on his plan to overthrow the king and decides to try to take power even before his death. He doesn’t know that Urraca still has a card up its sleeve.

In the second season, we can expect the fighting to intensify. With that, the constant changes in Ruy’s life will continue to occur. But, he will not give up everything he has ever dreamed of.

Cast: Who’s back for the second season?

As previously mentioned, Jaime Lorente is responsible for giving Ruy his life, El Cid . The cast is completed by José Luis García Perez, Elia Galera, Carlos Bardem, Juan Echanove, Alice Sanz, Fran Ortiz, Jaime Oliás, Lucía Guerreo, Lucía Díez and Nicolás Llloro.

In addition, the actors Juan Fernández, Pablo Álvarez, Ginés García Millán, Daniel Tatay, David Castillo and Álvaro Rico, Amr Waked and Zohar Liba.

The first season of El Cid is available on Amazon Prime Video.