Glenda Reyna did not accept or deny that the Mexican actress was dating Dusty Lachowicz .

Amid the photographs of Eiza and the 27-year-old model , holding hands, fans wonder how well known is the relationship for the actress’s family? Her mother, former model and businesswoman Glenda Reyna responded to the questions from the Mexican press about the actress’s love life.

“I don’t think of anyone, I’m not going to stay with them … When this happens, believe me I’m going to tell you about it, and I’m going to be very happy that it’s something serious and orderly,” shared journalist Eden Dorantes.

And he added: “I have a wonderful, hard-working, productive daughter and a well-educated girl, that’s the only thing I am aware of, everything else does not concern me or anyone else.”

Tired of the insistence of the press, Glenda Reyna made it clear:

“I am the mother, nothing more, so the only thing I do is help him with his personal things and I no longer get involved in his professional life, because I stopped handling her a long time ago.