Edge just won the Royal Rumble Match 2021 and has not yet made it clear which champion he will face at Wrestlemania despite appearing on the last RAW show to face WWE champion Drew McIntyre and in NXT to face NXT World champion Finn Balor, also, tonight will appear on Smackdown to confront Roman Reigns. Before arriving at the great WWE show, Edge has asked to face Daniel Bryan, with whom he shares part of the company’s creative team, which could make things easier.

As reported by journalist Dave Meltzer in the recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Edge is pressuring the company to have a match against Daniel Bryan later this year. There are no more details on whether, if the meeting occurs, it would be on a Smackdown show or a PPV before Wrestlemania or afterward, but the fact that both are on the creative team could help make things easier.

Edge has insisted to WWE that he would like to have a match against Daniel Bryan this year. It is not known if the match takes place, it would be held in a weekly Smackdown show or a future PPV, nor if a stipulation would be added, stated Dave Meltzer.

Recently, Edge signed an agreement with WWE for the next 3 years in which they would have agreed to three matches per year in each of them as well as a minimum of 25 appearances in the weekly shows of the company. Having fought at Royal Rumble and having a title match at Wrestlemania, we would have to wait for what is in store for Edge, who has also stated that he wants to face Seth Rollins and AJ Styles