Edgar Badia (Barcelona, ​​2/12/1992), one of Primera’s revelations, will experience a special match this Sunday. The Elche goalkeeper will face the almighty Barcelona, ​​a team in whose quarry he took his first steps. However, he confesses that his greatest motivation lies in his past in the neighbor Espanyol. The goalkeeper, for whom they ask for an opportunity in the national team is very clear that he has reached the elite to stay. And he wants to settle there with Elche now in trouble after twelve consecutive days without winning. Before a Barca without Messi Edgar Badia will try to emulate his ex-teammate Jose Juan and Ramon Juan with a notorious performance against a big.

The special match against Barcelona?

More than my time at Barça, my time at Espanyol. I have played many derbies in grassroots football. They have always been games with special motivation. I have won and lost many.
How do you remember your time at the culé quarry?
I started at school very young when I was five or six years old. From there, I went to youth soccer where I spent three years. I played for Benjamin B, Benjamin A, and Alevín B. Then, they dismissed me. He explained the reason, but it was believed that he was not going to be a very tall goalkeeper. Later I spent three years at Cornellà. And from there, I went to Espanyol, which is the club that has really formed me.

Did you coincide at Barca with a footballer who reached the elite?

I had Marc Muniesa as a teammate. He came to the first team and has played several years in the First and Premier League. Now he is in Qatar. The players of the generation of 91 and 92 we related a lot. They were Martí Riverola and Martin Montoya
He already showed off against Barça in the last Joan Gamper …
Yes. Individually, I had a good game. We lost 1-0, but I think we gave a good image and we had an option to tie. We hope to give a good image on Sunday, but the result is different.

Will the Catalans notice Messi’s absence a lot?

Yes. He is the best in the world and he can generate a lot of imbalance. When he is there, the Barça game passes a lot for him. And without him, it changes a lot. But we continue talking about a team that has the best players in the world.
How can you beat Barcelona?
Paying a lot of attention to all the details. Being careful not to make mistakes. Both in defense, which is normal that they penalize you if you give easy chances, as in attack. We must be very competitive in all actions. We must show that we can compete against anyone, as we have done so far.

Elche already tied against Real Madrid

Yes, and he came to Martínez Valero on a very good streak. We tied and were even able to win on the last play. They are teams that have the best players in the world in their squad. They can create an imbalance in any action and penalize your mistakes. We will have to follow the script of not granting.
His former partner JoseJuan and Ramon Juan come from stellar performances against the ‘greats’ …
“I congratulated José Juan on social networks. He played a fantastic game. I’m very happy for him. And also that a goalkeeper from the Cornellà school like Ramon Juan is at this level. He already showed it last season, in the regular league and the ‘playoffs’ for promotion to Second. Cornellà works very well in grassroots football. Hopefully, this week of goalkeepers against big teams can culminate with a good performance against Barcelona.

What does it tell you to be the second goalkeeper with the most saves in First after coming from leading the statistics in Second?

These are data that show that I have made a good first round. But at the same time, individual performance has to help the team achieve its goals. My goal is to continue to be at this level to achieve permanence. I am happy with my adaptation to First. I have worked many years to play in the best league in the world. Now, I want both myself and Elche to settle in First for many years.

When you won the 2011 U19 European Championship as Spain’s starting goalkeeper, did you think it would take so long to play in the Primera?

When I started to go with the national team in the U-17, being the starting goalkeeper of the generation of 92, many players were already in the First Division at 17 or 18. Like Muniain Isco, Morata, Borja Bastón, Sergi Roberto, or Koke. And you see that you are at that level and you have it close, but at no time do you think you have it done. It was a tough stick to have to leave Espanyol when I was playing it. I was called up with the first team in many, many games. And it came from win the U19 European Championship. But that’s football. I had to give more laps and win it on the field. In the end, I was able to show that I have the level to play the Primera.
And level to play for the national team? Do you see a real illusion?
It is not a goal that sets me. We are talking about a world champion team, with world-class players and a very high level in

What has happened to go from the best start of the club in the First League to linking twelve games without winning?

A lot of circumstances have come together. We have had two expulsions at home. Against Cadiz, who was winning, and against Getafe, with a draw. We have suffered many injuries. The team was armed late and it was difficult to combine. We have taken steps forward. , but there are many games without winning. It is not easy for us. You see that the games escape you because of small details. But at the same time, it also reinforces that we continue to compete against any rival and on any field. The team is always close to winning. And it continues to grow with maximum responsibility that we can move forward in this situation. Being in the lower positions is within normality. The goal is permanence. After so many games without winning, we are still one point away from relegation. And with two games less. I think we will improve in the second round.

How do you live in the dressing room after Almirón asked for six signings?

It’s a normal situation in football. Teams always try to reinforce themselves as much as possible to achieve their goals. We are a squad recently promoted to First. We started competing after 15 days and the signings came with the league started. experience in First Division. It is normal that with a negative streak, the coach expresses that he wants reinforcements. We are all being very professional. We train with maximum responsibility and commitment. 

What keys do you set to achieve salvation?

In defense, regain strength and correct mistakes that have penalized us with goals. In attack, be more vertical and have the ability to create more chances. In several games, it has been difficult for us to reach the opponent’s goal. The team is taking steps forward to make it