Easy Cool Breeze Review 2020 | Worth Purchasing Portable AC?


EZ Cool Breeze is a new portable air cooling device, listing up in the American markets. It is not just any other air-cooling device but also a humidifier, and an air-purifier, combined in one. Why is it in so much demand? The more straightforward answer is – ‘portability,’ but wait, there is more than that—read out this Easy Cool Breeze review to find out how this simple innovation is surging its admiration globally.

Easy Cool Breeze Review

Days are getting hotter and the nights uneasy. All these Air Conditioners and fans cost a fortune to you.  No wonder what is stealing sleep away from your eyes! Allow us to present this Easy Cool Breeze Review as the times are getting modern, and so, the ways. Then, why stick to conventional pieces of equipment? 

“My work transits have never been easy, but with this nice and convenient gadget, it has turned out to be so trouble-free, so facile. How have I been keeping up earlier without this”? Alleluya smiles while telling us this.

Easy Cool Breeze Review – An Unbiased Report

Easy Cool Breeze is a compact air cooler. It also works as an air-humidifier and air-purifier. An all-in-one air conditioner, It is highly portable as it fits right next to your bed, in your car, at your office desk, or even over the dining table. It’s compact size, and battery-operability makes it one of the high-in-demand online products worldwide, and especially in America.

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It is beneficial as in days like these, the humidity and pollution are absurdly on the peak. No one knows how contaminated the air to breathe is. The exponential ascends in global warming is all due to the gases released from the air-conditioners and other cooling devices. It appears somewhat ironic to recognize that the same machines which were invented to cool us down ended up heating nature. 

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Features of EZ Cool Breeze

Air Conditioner

As is apparent from the discussion earlier, EZ Cool Breeze is a perfect solution to cool down the air surrounding you. It can be placed anywhere as it requires very little space to adjust. Once you switch it on, the air becomes breezy and cold as the temperature starts to decrease by 5 degrees within a few minutes. It is relaxing and soothing to be around it.

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Air Humidifier

With all the presence of moisture in the air, our skin and clothes start to get sticky, thus making us uneasy and unproductive during working hours. When you are around Easy Cool Breeze, all the humidity of the air is stabilized. Thanks to its unique air-flow design, which creates an energetic and brisk environment to be in.

Air Purifier

This machine has a three-level air filtration process. Before tunneling out, the warm air has to pass through the combed-mesh to become cool and free of pollutants. All the polluted air’s suspensions get stuck in the filters and, thus, present a soothing, fresh air to breathe in. 

Pros: Why Should I Buy Easy Cool Breeze?

  • Compact: The design is portable and advent.
  • Light Weight: Portability demands light-weightedness, and so it is.
  • Works on Battery: Rechargeable via C-type charger.
  • It works for Long hours: 8-10 hours, depending on the fan speed.
  • LED lighting: To assist controls and night-light.
  • Involves three fan speed modes: To control the fan speed and cooling.
  • Ultra Quiet: Works at 40 decibels(library-quite).

How to Use Easy Cool Breeze Portable AC?

It is quite effortless to use it. For the first time, charge it via the C-type cable provided, for two hours, or less. When it is fully charged, pour the water in the tank space. Close the lid and select the fan speed. Please switch it on after placing it in a comfortable position. Sit back or start working as you may like, and in no time, the air from EZ Cool Breeze will begin to enhance your surroundings. Providing a cold and fresh environment to work, to sleep, or to drive in. 

How to Clean the Filters?

The filters may start to become coagulant with all the dust and pollution, in three-four weeks. To avoid any problems, you must take out the filters and wash them in water for some time until it leaves the dust. You do not need to dry them under the sun, because they can dry themselves at room temperature itself.

Where Should I Use Easy Cool Breeze?

You may use it at any place of your liking, including office, kitchen, car, garden, bed, living room, study, or even garage. Just make sure it charges to full. Please keep it in a stable position so that it does not falls and damages itself. It is safe for children, so take no worry unless they are too close to catch a cold.

Will it Work for Three People In A Room?

Yes, in fact, four as well. However, it might take a bit longer to cool the whole room. Since it is a personal AC, we recommend it best to keep it to yourself; otherwise, you might find it reaching places.

Cons: Easy Cool Breeze AC

  • Out Of Stock: It is mostly out of stock. 
  • Not an AC by Definition: Since those involve the use of Freon and CFC gases while this does not, EZ Cool Breeze fails to come under the definition of a typical Air-Conditioner.
  • If you are really looking to purchase a quality portable AC then you should definitely shoot for — Blaux Portable AC!

Pricing Of EZ Cool Breeze Portable AC?

It was available at $198 each, but due to Covid-19 situations, the company has decided to provide a 50% discount exclusively. In the purchase process, you may avail more discount if you choose a pair, three or five EZ Cool Breeze’. 

Can I Cancel My Order, Replace, Refund, or Exchange it?

Yes, you may cancel your order within 24 hours, before it gets dispatched for delivery. You can replace it by writing them at support@shopezcoolbreeze.com. They also provide the 30-day money-back guarantee if the product fails to satisfy requirements.

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Who Made EZ Cool Breeze?

It is made in America as the address locates at (Campbell) 200 Docks Corner Road, Suite 221, Dayton, NJ, 08810.

Closure | Easy Cool Breeze Review

This Easy Cool Breeze review is to assist customers in seeking out cooling solutions under a budget. The product is distinctively a non-commercial one and will work perfectly for a single person/domestic use.

Let us know if you have any queries related to the EZ Cool Breeze and share your use experience and help others.