Nano Magic Cloth Reviews | Does It Really Work? – (Unbiased)


Were you looking out for Nano Magic Cloth Reviews? Well, sincerely, you are in the right place to cease your search.

Did your car got spilled on by coffee, or is it your Dad’s Maseratti you scratched over? Take no worry; Nano Magic got you covered. 

Nano Magic Cloth Reviews

Hefty charges in a repair shop and this lockdown must be truly hard in some areas. This cloth seems to be some magic of Aladin as it sounds, but it is just a simple technology employing a few mineral oils, under the scope of nanofibres.

However, let us not be hard on the mind. You can learn about this technology later. For now, allow us to begin the ultimate & unbiased review of the Nano Magic Cloth.

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Nano Magic Cloth Reviews | Does It Really Work?

Nano Magic Cloth Reviews

Nano Magic Cloth is a multipurpose car scratch remover, paint swirl remover, stain cleaner, duster, and a lot more. It is a cloth made up of nanofibres and infused with metal-powder and mineral oils. If you want to know more about how nanotechnology works and how it brings changes in the world, do not forget to check out this link.

To talk of it on a surface level, know that most of the clothes are unable to do deep cleaning because the fibers are not small enough to penetrate deep into a surface and remove any stain. While Nano magic cloth fibers are so small and robust that they make their way towards the root of the dust or any other impurity.

The scratch removal cloth is hydrophobic so it cannot touch the water and so it cannot be washed. Use it in a surrounding temperature of 10-40 degrees celsius.

Even if the cloth may change its color due to accumulated dust and oxides, it will not degrade its usability. It can repeatedly be used for about 15 times.

Features Of The Nano Magic Cloth

  • Removes Scratches: Nano Magic Cloth is manufactured in a way to be able to remove scratches from the vehicle surface. It would require a few minutes of wiping/rubbing at the area of damage.
  • Removes Stains and Scuffs: This product can also remove scuffs, dirt, stains, and other spot or dust of any kind.
  • Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology ensures that, however hard it is rubbed on the surface of the car/vehicle, it would not alter the shine or the quality of the paint physically or chemically.

  • Mineral Oils and Metal Powder: Metal powder is infused in the nanofibers of the cloth itself to assist in the scrubbing and metallic abrasion. Also, the mineral oils create the essential layer of shine and gloss of the surface when kneaded, very effectively.
  • Paint Restoration: With the help of the minerals and the powder, the car surface’s stain/scratch is minimized and made shinier to reflect the surrounding paint, making it almost as if the color has restored in that area.
  • It can be used on different surfaces: Nanomagic is explicitly known as the car scratch/stain remover. Apart from its primary utility, it can also be used to clean tables, chairs, walls, frames, or doors as well.
  • Cost-Effective: Nanomagic works similarly to the types of different equipment used by the car-stores and repair areas. The only difference is that they cost you in hundreds, and this is way cheaper than that.
  • Quick Action: The brand acclaims that this nano magic cloth can effectively clean the mark in less than 3-minutes.
  • Refund Guarantee: The manufacturer gives a money-back guarantee within 90 days. If you feel unsatisfied with the product, let them know, and they will refind your money.

Nano Magic Cloth Features

How to Use Nano Magic Cloth?

Nano Magic cloth is straightforward to use, and it does not require too much time.

how to use nanomagic?

First of all, remove the packet, take out the cloth and open it, then try to wrap it around the fingers and bring it towards the scratch, swirl, or anything you need to get the surface rid of. Now, you have to rub repeatedly at the spot of the scratch, paint, etc. for around three minutes until it starts to disappear.

Will Nano Magic Cloth Work? (Nano Magic Cloth Review)

Unless it is a dent or a big-bump, Nano Magic cloth will work. Most of the nano magic cloth reviews online may suggest the opposite. We do not know why that is, but it could be anything out of a million reasons when things may fail at their purpose. We employed a little scratch removal test as part of the review, and the result was pretty okay for the price that we paid.

Before After Nano Magic Review

Nanomagic cloth is not something very first of the kind since this technology is pretty trustworthy. It has been researched and implemented over into for a few years now. These clothes are pretty much essential and are available online under several different names. This one, however, caught our attention because of its promising attributes.

What Is the Cost of Nano Magic Cloth?

Nanomagic cloth comes at very affordable pricing. Also, know that you can not buy this as a single cloth. Thus, a pair of Nanomagic fabric is the minimum purchase possible. However, the cost prices are mentioned below:

2 Nano Magic clothes cost around $29.95 without shipping, with shipping, it requires a total sum of $33.90. Similarly, 5 and 7 Nano Magic clothes cost around $59.95 and $89.95 respectively, and the shipping charge is $6.95. You can buy 10 Nano Magic clothes at a total price of $132.90, including shipping.

One does not require as much as ten pieces for domestic purposes unless it is used very harshly. Two pieces are just enough for months if used on natural stains.

Is There Any Money-back Guarantee? 

Yes, the company provides a 90-day money-back guarantee if you feel unsatisfied with the product. However, the delivery charges are non-refundable.

What is it’s Country Of Manufacture?

An American Company manufactures nano magic cloth.

How to Contact the Company?

You can email them at or contact them via phone- 1 (828) 615-4525. The address of the fulfillment company that supplies the product can be located at 10450 N Airport Road, Hayden, Idaho 83835.

Closure | Nano Magic Cloth Reviews

Nano magic cloth reviews may only give you an idea about how well the product is — but the only sure way to know about the product is to test one yourself.

This was our product test/review on Nano magic cloth, and it has been a pleasant one. If you have any issues or doubts regarding the product then share it with us in the comment section.