WWE reported on Monday that Drew McIntyre had been isolated after testing positive for COVID-19. The champion announced on the Monday Night Raw program that he was well and accepted Goldberg’s challenge to defend the WWE title at Royal Rumble against the veteran fighter.

As reported by Dave Meltzer a journalist for Wrestling Observer Drew McIntyre is fine and everything indicates that he will be ready to face Goldberg at Royal Rumble an event that will be broadcast on January 31 on WWE Network. McIntyre’s positive came on January 10. If we take into account that the fighter will have to spend between 10 and 14 days in isolation it is very likely that he is ready to return on January 25 on Monday Night Raw the last weekly show of the red brand before Royal Rumble. Otherwise, as it is evolving it is very unlikely that the PPV will be lost. However, WWE will continue to report on this matter in the coming weeks.


Meltzer has confirmed that there were 4 WWE Superstars in total who have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent weeks.

McIntyre was one of a minimum of four WWE wrestlers that we know are suffering from COVID right now, Meltzer stated.  A Smackdown fighter who was designated for the January 8 show tested positive on the 7th. His role was not determined on the show. Another major star was out of action for a while but has returned. A fourth fighter was an NXT competitor who has missed a few weeks of television.