WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has had to go through multiple character changes before beginning his rise to the top. In fact, the current maximum champion of the company commented on The Rich Eisen Show about one of the rejected plans for his debut. Next, his statements. (transcript courtesy of Fightful )

When I came to WWE I weighed 260 pounds (117 kilos), and the creatives thought that the best idea for my debut would be a model character. They wanted me to go out and model an underwear line. At that moment I saw my dreams shatter in front of my eyes, but I could not express it with my face since in WWE the opportunities are limited.

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I just falsely mentioned that it seemed like a good idea. I managed to lose 35 pounds to make my abs more noticeable, and I already looked like one of those Abercrombie & Fitch models. handsome young man. When I sat down with Vince McMahon, he asked me for the most honest opinion possible about the character, and I said, ‘You know something, sir? If this gets me on TV, then I will.

Obviously, my dislike was showing, so Vince said just get out there and be myself. I got my 35 pounds back and went from looking like a model to being a real ‘kick ass.’ light. The best characters are those who represent an extension of your own personality.