WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently did an interview and expressed his opinion on a few things. The two-time WWE Champion stated that he needed a push for which he has drawn some plans, although Drew also stated that he wanted PPV in the UK.

During the interview, the WWE Champion said that the fans of UK are the best and they have a lot of passion, no matter what the game is. The UK is a big hub for Pro Wrestling and they want WWE PPV in the UK so that they can harass Vince.

Let us know that there has been a debate on social media between WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and boxer Tyson Fury and perhaps both WWE matches can be booked in PPV to be held in UK.

What is WWE Champion Drew McIntyre’s plan?

Two-time WWE Champion Drew McIntire has plenty of plans but his biggest plan is to have a PPV in the UK.

WWE’s last major PPV was in the UK in 1992 as SummerSlam. This was followed by a main show named Insurrextion in the year 2003. WWE was recorded in the UK by Raw and SmackDown many years ago. Well, now we have to see when WWE’s next big PPV takes place in the UK and what it is like Drew McIntyre wants.