Dragon Ball Super manga 68
  • Learn all the details so you don’t miss the launch of the new Dragon Ball Super manga 68 arcs starring Granola, the survivor.

One of Akira Toriyama’s most popular manga is undoubtedly Dragon Ball Super. After finishing the Prisoners of the Galactic Patrol arc, the next series will feature a new villain named Granola, a character who promises to be far more powerful than Moro.

Dragon Ball Super manga 68

In episode 67 of the comic, the Saiyan reunites with his friends and with Merus, who is still alive thanks to the High Priest’s abilities.

Given what happened, many fans eagerly await the arrival of the next chapter that will reveal what are the dark desires of Granola, the survivor.

YouTube video

Although there is still no more information about what will happen in the next installment, the MangaPlus web portal shared on its official page the release date of Dragon Ball Super manga 68, which will be released on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, at 10.00 am (Peruvian time).

The sketches of the next installment, which are in charge of Toyotaro, will arrive a few days before and some details will be known about the new characters of the recent arc.

Dragon Ball Super manga 67: a new arc and villain

In a trailer shared by Weekly Shonen Jump, we see how Yunba asks Jaco if Android 73 has really been destroyed or, at least, if he has verified it. When seeing that the galactic patrol does not answer anything, Moro’s ally laughs and says: “You should have done it.”

On the other hand, the advance let us know that the new arc of Dragon Ball Super will be called Granola, the survivor, a character who will be the fighter who faces the Galactic PatrolGoku, and the Z Warriors.