Netflix’s brand new Dracula took the mysterious vampire from the Victorian age, and yes, dropped him directly in the wreck of 2020. Made by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, aka the team supporting Sherlock, this brand new Dracula was steeped in blood, lore, sex, and the bonkers plot spins. However, the show has become a must-watch weekend binge thanks to the chemistry of its stars, Claes Bang and Dolly Wells.

Bang plays Count Dracula with the campy joie de vivre we have come to expect from the theatrical villain, while Wells gets to breathe fresh life to the myth of Abraham Van Helsing. Dracula reimagines the stalwart monster hunter as a prickly and smart nun called Sister Agatha.

So now that you have binged all three 90-minute-long episodes of Dracula Season 1, how long are you going to have to await Dracula Season 2? Will there be a Dracula Season 2? And does this dramatic Dracula end spell doom for the future of this series?

Here’s what we know about Dracula Season 2 on Netflix…

Will There Be A Season 2 Of Netflix’s Dracula? When Will Dracula Season 2 Hit Netflix?

As of right now, we do not know if there will be a Dracula Season 2. The show literally just prospered both about the BBC (at a three-night premiere) and on Netflix. Usually, it takes time for either network to decide to proceed with more seasons, and it will return to ratings and whatever the showrunners decide.

Should the BBC and Netflix dictate another season of Dracula, fans may have to wait a while for new episodes to arrive. The initial season was announced all the way back in 2017 and Claes Bang was cast in 2018. Given that deadline, we could anticipate Dracula Season 2 in 2022!

Nevertheless, the end of Dracula Season 1 seems rather open-shut. That is, how it is filmed, it seems like the show’s two leads…uh…die.

What Does The Ending Of Netflix’s Dracula Mean? Does Dracula Die At The End Of Netflix’s Dracula?

Well, it certainly seems like Dracula Season 1 ends with the demise of Count Dracula and Sister Agatha Van Helsing. After weeks of puzzling over the origin of all of Count Dracula’s various vampiric quirks – like his fear of crosses – the recently revived Sister Agatha (living on in the entire body of her descendent Zoe) figures out that Dracula’s weakness is actually itself esteem. He is the only one of his warriors too craven to perish as a hero in the battle and he’s defined by his fear of death.

A now perishing Sister Agatha utilizes this to coax Dracula into the sun, which can be revealed not to be harmful to him. Dracula then decides to feast around the expiring of Agatha’s blood, which will in turn kill him (seemingly ). The final moments are damn, orgasmic, and saturated in harsh sunlight. Dracula and Agatha believe they are dying together and as the scene fades to black, it certainly seems like they did.

However, supernatural and vampire creatures always have a means of coming back to life so…who knows? The actual Dracula killer might be lackluster ratings on the BBC. Since the series is a co-production of the BBC and Netflix, it’s more likely that a decision about the future of this series will come down to business tactics compared to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’s creative vision to the character.