Do you want to make your brand more memorable? Are you looking for a way to showcase your ideas effectively? Well, whiteboard animation videos are the best solution. They are candid, connecting, and can convey the required message to the point quickly and effectively. 

With current technological advancements, making whiteboard-animated videos should not be a hassle. So, how do I produce whiteboard animation videos? Worry not! Dive in to learn more about whiteboard animations and see how to make them with Doratoon, a must-try-free whiteboard animation software. 

Understanding Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a type of explainer video showing static images drawn on the screen accompanied by a 3rd-person narration. Initially, animators would record themselves in the process of creating such animations. But with present technology, production can easily be handled with whiteboard animation software. 

The effect used in the animation process is a time-lapse or stop motion. These animations introduce concepts in a straightforward manner. The animation usually starts with an introduction, presents the problem, defines the solution, and finalizes with a solid Call To Action. 

Their simple and clear illustrations make them engaging and widely used in marketing and internal communications. They are an innovative way to advertise and market your services or products. Plus, the animations are memorable and can be produced quickly at little cost. 

How to Make Whiteboard Animation in 2023

Creating whiteboard animation videos should be a simple task. With the proper whiteboard animation maker online, you can get your desired outcome faster and easier. Let’s see how you can create a whiteboard animation online. 

Doratoon – The Best Free Online Animation Software


Doratoon is a 2D animation software that offers tons of features and functions for making creative animations within minutes. This free animation software for beginners offers tons of templates and uses AI to get the best possible results. It helps creators generate quality content that creates value and keeps their audience engaged. 


  • Drag and Drop Functionality

Everything from the menu can be dragged and dropped to add to the scenes on the workbench. Thus, it’s easy to create any animation video quickly. 

  • Voice-Over Recording

Doratoon’s microphone detection ability records your sound flawlessly, which one can use as audio directly. It’s an excellent option for text-to-speech conversion. 

  • Path-Finding

The animation characters can move in any direction you want. This free animation software’s path-finding feature lets you define straight, curved or circular motions.  

  • AI Intelligent Drawing

Whiteboard animations are mostly about drawings. Doratoon AI intelligent drawing will smoothen animation curves, making the final results look more professional.  

  • Multiple Orientations

You can have the video in various sizes or formats, depending on your preference. Therefore your videos can suit various platforms requiring specific orientations. 

How To Make Whiteboard Animation Videos In 2023

Using Doratoon is easy once you land on the website. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Write A Script

While creating a whiteboard video, start by developing a comprehensive script. Work on your speaking skills to convey your story to the target group.

Step 2: Choose the Whiteboard Style

Go to Doratoon’s homepage and sign in. Select your preferred whiteboard template from the many given templates.

Step 3: Storyboard Your Sequence

Organize the content of your script on the storyboard, scene by scene. A storyboard is a comic strip describing every action and all the visual aspects of your whiteboard video.

Step 4: Edit the Whiteboard Video

Customize and edit the whiteboard animation per your requirements. Drag and Drop visuals, animate the text by timing your scenes or add exit and entry animation effects by clicking on the effects tab on the right. Also, add the transition effects to make it appealing. Moreover, you can add background music from the library or import or create a voice-over using the AI-generated voice of your animated character. 

Step 5: Preview and Export the Whiteboard Animation

After doing the above, Preview the whiteboard video and adjust the scenes’ timing if the text and visuals are not synced. When the video is completed, click Export to save it according to your preferences and share it on social media if you like.

Benefits of Doratoon

The following are some of the reasons why this is the best animation software for beginners;

  • Fast rendering.
  • Millions of royalty-free assets.
  • Premade templates for various topics.
  • Supports HD quality videos.

Top Tips To Produce Stunning Whiteboard Animation

To make your work easier, here are general tips that can help you make amazing Whiteboard Animations.

  • Focus on script writing – A script is the backbone of your entire animation video. So, make sure it has a solid structure and focus on the what, why, and how in your video. 
  • Use an Animaker tool – Pick software to produce your whiteboard animation. If you are a beginner, go with something easy like Doratoon for quick and professional results. 
  • Use the power of storytelling – It’s essential to weave a story and win the audience’s hearts. Besides the length, a well-crafted story can easily keep your audience hooked. 
  • Keep it short – Try to keep your video length between 60-90 seconds. Short and engaging whiteboard videos can entertain people and turn them into leads. 
  • Keep it classical – No need to go very extra. Always focus on the drawing hand, white background, and interconnected drawings to keep your videos simple and effective. 


As we have seen, whiteboard videos are one of the easiest ways to take your brand marketing to the next level. Now you know how to create an engaging whiteboard animation video with a DIY approach. Plus, we’ve offered terrific tips to follow while creating a professional whiteboard video. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start producing awesome videos immediately and escalate your conversion rate with Doratoon, the best free whiteboard animation software for beginners.