Can you expect a Legendary after the conclusion today? HBO Max renews season 3. Is it more likely that the show will be canceled?

We would love to bring you solid news on the series’ future. Unfortunately, as of the time, this article was written, there is no confirmation on a season 3. This is not necessarily bad news. It could just mean that the streaming service is still waiting for more data before making a decision.

How long will that take? We will likely hear more in the coming months. For now, however, we are very optimistic about the future. HBO Max is still a relatively new streaming service. It makes sense to order more episodes and build viewer loyalty. They will be better off if they can do this for longer periods. It is more likely that viewers will avoid watching new shows if a streamer cancels a show too early in its life. While HBO Max has equity history with its programming, it doesn’t have that history with HBO.

If Legendaryis renewed for season 3, chances are that you will have to wait a while before you can see it. There won’t be any rush to get new episodes on air. The production needs to take its time and prepare for filming. We would likely see the premiere in 2022.
You will love the show, so make sure you watch the entire thing! This is the best way HBO Max can know if viewers will stay for another season.

Are you interested in a Legendary season 3 at HBO Max?

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