Generation Season 2

Can we expect a Generation season 2 renewal at HBO Max after tonight’s dramatic finale? Is it more likely that the show will be cancelled? We have many things to discuss in this piece, as you can imagine.

First, let’s talk about where things are at the moment. Nothing is official yet. HBO Max, like many streaming services, takes a while to decide whether to bring back a show. This could be true here.

There are hope. It starts with the number of episodes that the first season had. The health crisis broke it into smaller pieces, but it still had enough to make an impact with viewers. This show explores the struggles of young people with sexual identity and sexuality in difficult times. We don’t think there are many shows that are more timely than this.

Generation Season 2

Another thing that should work for the show is the fact that HBO Max (reasonably) is still new. They should do their best to cultivate the new properties they have. They have the opportunity to reach a large portion of the younger generation with this and their revival of Gossip Girl.

We expect to see season 2 of Gen premiere in the spring/summer next year. It should be easier to move production forward with the current state of the healthcare crisis. Don’t forget to watch the entire season! This is the best way for everyone to help get the show back.

Do You Want To See A Generation Season 2 Renewal At HBO Max?

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