We reported this week that Jeff Rake (Manifest showrunner) may be looking at something more than a season 4 farewell cinema. It might be the only viable option. NBC canceled this drama earlier this month. Netflix then decided not to take it up despite the drama’s excellent performances there. This is a confusing decision, but it shows that Netflix doesn’t care about saving shows.

Is anyone in the world interested? While that remains to remain to be seen, Rake described what he was trying to accomplish with Entertainment Weekly.

Twenty-two days after our Netflix debut, I’ve sort of moved away from the plan of finding a home to seasons 4, 5, 6, and Manifest. Even though I’ve always said that Manifest would be a six-season show, Back then, I created a six-season roadmap for NBC. I’m currently halfway through. In the season 3 finale, I left a lot to be desired.

I wanted to continue the story with three more seasons. I see that there is no home for three more seasons, so I made a plan B. Some platforms would fund a feature or a movie ending, as we saw with Timeless and Firefly. To tell the story, all I need is a modest budget. I am working on a plan to consolidate the back part of the series into an easier-to-follow two-hour finale. It would take out all the hanging chads. That’s where my mind is at. There is a great desire to know the ending, what happened, and what happened in the final moments of that plane.

While it might sound counterintuitive, we believe that NBC may be a good home for a movie goodbye. They decided to do this for Timelessafter the original cancellation, and they have an infrastructure ready for this particular story. It’s more difficult at a location that was not previously the home of the show. Will one movie’s potential be worth the trouble?

We will hopefully hear a good solution in the coming month. If you have any Manifestmovie that is on the way, please let us know.

Do You Think There’s A Chance That A Manifest Farewell Film Could Happen?

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