Disney Plus Error Code 83 | Unable to Connect Disney+? [FIXED]


Disney Plus has been a popular choice in on-demand-video streaming services lately. But the users reported encountering an error: Disney plus error code 83. When it comes to selecting a service, it is a no brainer to choose something which feels nostalgic. Disney has been there since our childhood. And to shape out the error creating this hindrance, let us get started with the topic.

Disney Plus Error Code 83

There can be a million reasons behind an error to occur. But keep in mind that Disney is such a vast network of servers, making it possible to watch movies and shows. This error might be an effect of heavy load on the server. Still, we are present with a handful of solutions below to help you get back streaming smoothly.

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Disney Plus Error Code 83

A number of user reports are on the page of Disney Plus Help Center. A common but widespread error- Error code 83 keeps occurring on devices. It ceases any activity on-going in the app or browser, which gets very frustrating. We have discussed below the possible reasons behind this error, so our readers may find which fix suits them best.


Causes Behind the Unable to Connect to Disney+

 The most valid reasons possibly initiating this error are enlisted below:

  • Unsupported Platform: Disney Plus, as in its very early days, was not supported on many platforms, but now it is. However, there might arise a condition that the device on which you are trying to run the app still isn’t able to connect through the DRM check.
  • Server Issue: Sometimes, the servers get overloaded, thus, speeding down the DRM/account check and resulting in request failure of the streaming session. Besides, not being able to connect to the server is also one similar reason behind this error.

  • Browser Issue: Some browsers are just not configured as well as they should have been. Sometimes it is due to some extension which you might have added on your browser. We will suggest a better alternative for the browser you might be using.

error code 83

Solutions to FIX Disney Plus Error Code 83

Power Cycling the Device

Power Cycling is like an easy way of cold booting your device. The device you might be trying to run Disney Plus needs to be Power Cycled to clear out the cache.power cycle

To perform Power Cycle, follow these easy steps:

  • Turn Off your device or remove the plug.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Plug it again and switch on your device. 
  • You can perform this step two or three times continuously.
  • This happens to work most of the time, but if it doesn’t, please follow below.

Using Different Browser

The majority of the users who had this error coming in their devices have suggested changing the browser. Now, it might seem a fix too simple to perform. But, it undoubtedly has helped many—browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari, and Microsoft Edge work best for Disney Plus.different browsers

Update Your Device

If your device is still on an older/previous version, running Disney Plus on android or IOS might be a hassle. Hence, make sure to update to the latest version even for Smart TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. It is a sure shot fix that always works.

System Software Update

Checking for Incompatibility issue

If nothing above has worked yet to eliminate the error,  it is deduced that the device is incompatible with Disney Plus. Besides, there is nothing much left to do now but to switch the device.

Listed below are some of the incompatible software for the discussed service.

  • Linux does not support Disney Plus yet.
  • Any browser except Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Brave, and Edge do not support Disney Plus so well.
  • Browsers do not run on Smart TVs and gaming consoles yet.

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Try Virtual Network

Users on Reddit have suggested using a VPN to eliminate the error. These Virtual Private Networks create tunnels through the firewalls blocking the DNS. So, this might be the right time to purchase an excellent VPN service because relying on a free service is not always secure. For instance, services like Pure VPN and Express VPN support Disney plus.

Refresh Your Internet Connection

Disney Error code 83 sometimes appears in cases where connectivity loses. Therefore, either you can change the device data operator, or connect your device to a wi-fi router. As easy and basic, this solution to many problems is, it is as advantageous too.

Closure: Disney Plus Error Code 83

Disney Error Code 83 is a fundamental error that often occurs in many devices. Hence, in this discussion, we learned how to tackle the same. Using not one but many different solutions like checking compatibility issues, switching browsers, updating firmware, and trying a VPN service. At last, We sincerely hope this article helped our readers. Stay connected for more such discussions to come.