Disney Plus Error Code 1016 [FIXED] Causes And Solutions


There has been a recent report through User’s forum at Samsung, that the Disney plus error code 1016 has come into the scene. Accordingly, this error is not allowing users to access the Disney plus service on their Samsung TVs. Talking about Disney Plus, it is a new consideration in the market of on-demand Video streaming service, owned and operated by the Walt Disney’s International subsidiary themselves. In around November of 2019, Disney plus introduced itself as an exclusive subscription status. Consequently, a service where users can stream and also download their fantastic shows and movies.

Disney Plus Error Code 1016


Now, this error is an accepted consideration altogether, eventually within Disney, as they seem to have come up with an update which, as claimed by them, is running very smoothly. As a result, giving its users a benefit of exclusivity, Disney seems to regather the disoriented adoration with this introduction to the service. Henceforth, we will discuss some of the things that the users can do to continue streaming vividly, starting below. To dive deeper.

Disney Plus Error Code 1016 | HOW TO FIX IT?

As suggested, this Disney error code 1016 seems to be the result of some disintegration of the app’s code with the reliability over Smart Hub. Even though some user’s acclaim that this error has occurred in their devices too, which were not Samsung at all gives us a second opinion that this must have been a bug within a recent firmware update from Disney itself.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 1016 Error?

As known, the error comes up reading this- “We are having a problem. Exiting the App. Error Code: 1016-App_Config_Failure”. On the other hand, disallowing the users to watch any of the shows/movies available to them. We are here with the best solutions to this, along with an updated link below to update to the latest application version. Please follow along.

Unable to connect to Disney+

About Disney Plus

Disney plus is all about a service that is unique and perfect to suit an audience so varying. For instance, Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic wouldn’t just attract a typical Disney fan. In contrast, the availability of quality content over quantity makes it an exception to its fore-competitors. Available for streaming on Apple to Roku, PC to Fire Tv, and Chromecast to Xbox-one, and all that can be.

disney +

All of this makes it more facilitating. It is granting that there is a bundle version that would allow users to bag Hulu and ESPN+ along. Besides, Disney plus is a family-friendly consideration, making it a smarter dollar to invest in privacy and concerns regarding kids’ content.  

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About Smart Hub

Smart Hub brings a new adventure into the experience, watching the TV. It provides the facility to search movies, TV shows and also browse the web and a lot more. Smart Hub provides a fully working browser connecting users to their favorite online content, including youtube, ESPN, and social media like Facebook and Twitter. It is a collection of growing and premium apps related to games, lifestyle, sports, education, and a lot more.

Smart Hub


Causes of the Disney+ Error Code 1016 

  • The possible reasons behind this error could be the code integration problems with the Smart hub and Disney plus.
  • Rather an issue with the recent firmware update brought by Disney plus could be possible behind this error.
  • Some errors are a part of the development process to make the program more sustainable for in the future, as must have been this error. However, this error is corrected through a link discussed below.

Solutions to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 1016

Since this error is not just in the US, well, it is a global problem. When users get this error, some good people share what worked for them. However, apart from providing suitable solutions, we consider their efforts and their fixes, too, from around the world.

Now, as a suggestion, we would always recommend our readers to at least share your problems in the comment section, or maybe if you have a different solution too.

For Android: Update Application

  • To be benefited, one must make sure that their app on android stays updated to the latest.
  • Updating the app from the notification with-in application might result in server loss.
  • Use the link given below, after the steps to ensure safe and trusted download.
  • Remove the previously downloaded app while downloading the resource from the link.
  • Enable the unknown sources option from the settings.
  • To do this, go to settings and then select security.
  • Find unknown sources and select enable.
  • Install the Disney plus application when downloaded.
  • Open the app and sign-in to your account.

For Android: Clearing Cache 

  • Find the Disney plus icon on the app drawer.Clear Cache to fix Disney Error 1016
  • Long press the app icon, and the options will start showing.
  • Select app info.
  • Inside app info, press on the Storage option.
  • Click on clear cache and clear data from the app.
  • Now this will remove all cache and in-app data stored from your phone.
  • You will have to log-in again, and also your in-app video downloads will be lost.
  • These steps will eliminate the error at its very best.

For Samsung Smart TV

since this issue seems to be a device-related issue, which generally occurs on TV. Thus, these steps below are the must. It is not too much work after all and will enhance the experience altogether. Follow these steps below:

  • Cold booting one’s Smart TV clears the cache of your TV. However, do not be mistaken by shutting off the TV the same as cold booting.
  • Cold booting is just like restarting a laptop, rather than just keeping on stand-by.
  • Cold booting through the remote requires one to hold down the power button for more than five seconds, in turn, which will turn the TV off and on again. Thus, clearing away the cache.
  • You can also perform the same task using the Plug of your TV. To perform a cold boot through the TV plug, unplug the TV from the socket or surge protector. Now leave the plug unplugged for more than 30 seconds and then plug it back.
  • It must be a resilient solution to eliminate the prevalent issue.

Changing the DNS Number

As suggested by a Samsung moderator himself, this thing wouldn’t hurt to try at least once. Since it is an easy peasy workout, and some users have been positive about this quick-fix. We do suggest our readers follow this step if (but it will) cold booting does not seem to work.

  • Click on Menu.
  • Select Network.
  • And then find a Network Status.
  • Find the IP settings on the TV remote.Check IP Settings to fix Disney Plus Error Code 1016
  • Now, manually assign the DNS server value to

Try Connecting to the User Forums

  • There is always an option of twitter to share the problem with the users. Connect to the handles of the brands. So they take it seriously because it is public – HERE
  • Email Disney at DisneyPlusHelp@Disney.com.


Disney plus error code 1016 is not only affecting a few of you who just updated to the latest firmware, but a majority of its users are also facing it. Users expect to get premium feels when they pay a good part of their earnings for some quality entertainment. We covered some of the causes behind the issue and also the possible fixes and solutions to this error. 

What we discussed here is the possible causes behind this error. And in solutions, ranging from deleting cache to changing the playing device or updating the applications to resetting internet connections. In context, we also discussed how to cold boot the Samsung smart TVs. If you have any issues regarding the Disney+ Error 1016 then let us know and we’ll respond to it soon.