The images are of infinite cruelty. At night, in a lonely square, 9 shadows beat up a person who is left inert after 27 seconds of punches, kicks, and blows with objects. France is shocked and this Saturday the Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, asked to shed light on the case and the arrest of the attackers.

The mob caught up with the 15 years old teenager and for almost half a minute beat him viciously and mercilessly. The group of attackers then dispersed leaving the boy badly injured and unconscious.

The police are looking for the perpetrators of the savage action and are investigating if it was a chance encounter or if the attack was due to a confrontation between rival groups. Yuriy has been admitted since that afternoon at the Necker Hospital in Paris in a coma.
The Interior Minister, in a message posted on Twitter, showed his support for the boy and his family and denounced the “incredible savagery” of the attack.

The images of the aggression have caused a wave of indignation in France, provoking the reaction of thousands of people on social networks, including that of Antoine Griezmann, who described the video as “unbearable”.