The taper fade is increasingly becoming a common haircut for women. With modernization, the beauty of a woman is no longer associated with long hair as it was with our ancestors. Women these days take pride In short hair because it makes them simple and it is also low maintenance.

Short hair requires little money to maintain as even the products required are few or none. Women enjoy having short hair, but they don’t want to all have the same haircut. There are various taper fade haircuts for women that you can try out.

1. A Fade on Sassy Lifted Hair

Short hair, which features a sassy lifted haircut, is one-way women can slay in low maintenance hairstyle. If the cut is not combined with a taper fade, it may appear plain and boring.

Blending this hairstyle with a fade makes it pop out and be stylish. Most experienced hairdressers can comfortably come up with this type of hairstyle. It can also be worn on any hair texture using the right equipment and hair products.

2. The Buzz Cut

This hairstyle is popular among men but is so appealing when a woman rocks in it. It is one of the most common haircuts that must feature a fade. The special feature of this all times haircut is the long hair on the top of the head and the fade on the sides and the back.

You can spice up a buzz cut by adding a line gradient on either side of the head for more radiance. You can also have fun bleaching the long hair on the top with any dye color.

3. The Red Faux Hawk

It is the best option of haircuts for women that features a taper fade if your hair is naturally curly. The cause of attention to this style is dying the hair red, as the name suggests. Red is a bright color that will easily draw attention to your stylish hairdo.

With this haircut, you can also spice things up by adding gradient lines on the sides of the fade. It is so appropriate to rock onto a night party.

4. Bun With Dreadlocks

If you have dreadlocks and you are not just ready to go for short hair, you can have fun blending them with a fade. You leave the deadlocks in the middle and hold them up in a bun, then go ahead to have the fade on the sides and the back.

Having the hair cut on the sides and leaving the dreadlocks in the middle will be visible and draw all forms of attention you want to your hairstyle.

5. Fade on the Side Part

This hairstyle involves leaving relatively long hair on the top of the head, getting a taper fade from one side, and allowing the long hair to fall free on the other side of the head.

This hairstyle is stylish and can be worn with any outfit or occasion. It is the most suitable if you are thinking of growing long hair soon. This is because the fade does not feature very short hair, and it could be easier to grow the hair length when needed.

6. The Disconnected Fade

This involves the hair stylish coming up with a fade at the top and the low part of the head. Then he creates a clear distinction between the two by putting a clear gradient line which is curved as a way of disconnecting the two fades.

7. Slick Back Fade

The hairstyle involves leaving relatively long hair at the center and blending it with a taper fade. The hair is allowed to fall freely to either the sides of the head or the back.

To achieve the best final results of this look, you should use f gel and comb to lay the long hair at the top perfectly to either the side or the back.

8. Kinky Knots

It is a hairstyle suitable for naturally curly hair where the hair at the top is left messy and is blended with a fade from the back and the sides.