The Manifest series, about the disappearance of a plane, was canceled by Fox following 3 seasons. While season 3 was broadcast on Salto before being aired on TF1, a season 4 might still see the light of day. The creator Jeff Rake does all to save his show. He’s supposed to be in talks with Netflix so Manifest could last. He already has plenty of ideas for a potential sequel. Along with the celebrities Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, Luna Blaise, or Matt Long are ready to resume their roles.

Did Manifest Save By Netflix As Lucifer? A Season 4 Would Be Possible

After season 1 on the disappearance of a plane in Manifest, fans were able to detect season 2 of Manifest with more and more twists. And while period 3 of Manifest was broadcast at US + 24 on Salto in France, before being broadcast later on TF1, the show was canceled by NBC (the channel on which it is broadcast in the United States). But despite the cancellation, a year 4 would be possible according to Deadline. The show’s creator, Jeff Rake, is fighting to discover another broadcaster.

“Conversations between Manifest’s main studio, Warner Bros. TV, and Netflix are ongoing, with the broadcaster assessing the viability and fiscal areas of a potential recovery,” assured the US media. Netflix could save Manifest and allow the showrunner to keep his string with a season 4. In the past, Netflix had already saved a string: Lucifer. The series with Tom Ellis who plays Lucifer Morningstar was canceled by Fox after 3 seasons, before continuing on Netflix. Part 2 of Season 5 is available on the platform, and there will be a season 6 which will be the final to get great this time around.

Deadline explained that there’s an”encouraging indication for Manifest fans” is that”Lucifer can also be created by WBTV, which provides the studio and Netflix a working model on the best way to transfer successfully. A dramatic series that’s been broadcast for three years to the broadcaster”. Hence that the streaming platform could say yes for a Manifest Season 4.

Another thing that may tip in favor of a renewal of Manifest on Netflix: season 1 and season 2 of the show can be found on Netflix in the united states. And on the day the series had been canceled, Manifest was number 1 at Netflix’s top 10 and the show remained there all week.

The creator is not giving up and has ideas for Season 4, the celebrities would also like to continue
Jeff Rake, who generated Manifest, includes a 6-year plan. That’s why he expects to discover a broadcaster, to be able to finish the string after 6 seasons, as he imagined with the end he desires. He had launched the hashtag #SaveManifest on Twitter and other programs to get fans to encourage the series.

On Twitter, the founder even made a long live tweet while exchanging with Internet users, while watching episodes of Manifest. “Reviewing these episodes together with you gives me all sorts of fresh ideas for Season 4 and beyond. Thanks for participating! #SaveManifest #AllSixSeasons,” he tweeted. No issue for the plots of season 4 so he already knows what to compose and contains more and more ideas for a potential sequel.

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And the celebrities also had encouraged the campaign on the networks to conserve the series. Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, JR Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Matt Long, Parveen Kaur, or Jack Messina would even be”are prepared to continue the series” given the US media.