Blizzard gives us a fresh look at Diablo 4’s artwork, character designs, as well as a few of its bosses.

The most recent Pablo 4 Quarterly development update Blizzard provided some insight into the art process for creating player characters, monsters, and NPCs.

Blizzard revealed that players will have the ability to customize how their characters appear in-game. Each class is unique, but players can control their skin color, hairstyle, tattoos, and accessories such as jewelry like the infinity ring and piercings.

While some elements are restricted to each class, others can be used by everyone. Blizzard provided some examples of created characters. They are consistent with the game’s darker tone and muted colors. You won’t likely be able to create Shrek or any of the other monstrosities that Souls allow.

The emphasis on customization extends to character armor, in which players can alter the appearance by using dyes. Diablo 4 allows you to choose individual colors for each piece of armor. Diablo 4 allows you to dye your helmet, boots, chest, gloves, legs, and legs in different colors.

The game’s design dictates that dyes must match the character’s appearance. All materials must follow PBR rules so colors react to light realistically.

Arnaud Kotelnikoff, the lead character artist, explained that this system was difficult to implement as metals cannot be dyed with inappropriate colors if they adhere to PBR rules.


We added data to our armor which identifies specific materials and tells dye systems what color goes on each material. This includes leather, fabric, and metal. This resulted in armor that can be dyed in a variety of colors, yet still feels grounded and real in the Diablo 4 world.

The update continues to explore the game’s darker and more grounded art style and how it affected the design of bosses, locations, and NPCs. The update also provides some interesting insight into the game’s camera and how much work it takes for characters to look good from all angles. It can be accessed at the link at the top.