Dexter Season 9

A new teaser for Showtime’s upcoming Dexter resurrection hints at the return of this serial killer son Harrison. Throughout its initial 8-season series, Dexter stunned and thrilled audiences with its story of a forensic tech using a large secret. Michael C. Hall earned raves for his performance as Dexter Morgan, along with the enthusiasm for the early seasons led to immense disappointment in the show’s end. Dexter’s series finale is still one of the very controversial conclusions in the last several decades, with Dexter faking his death, leaving his son behind living as a lumberjack.

Finally, though, Dexter has the chance to fix what went wrong at the end of season 8. Last fall, Showtime declared the series will be getting a 10-episode revival. Hall is back as Dexter, while first showrunner Clyde Phillips has returned for the first time since leaving after season 4. Thus far, Hall is the only original cast member placing in a reprise, though he’ll be joined by stimulating novices such as Clancy Brown and Jamie Chung.

Dexter Season 9

The latest teaser for its Dexter revival just might hint at another significant return. In a short clip posted on societal networking, an undercover man tosses a picture of Dexter and his son Harrison to a campfire, as if erasing all traces of the former’s life.” Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people,” the caption reads, making for a menacing post. Happy Father’s Day indeed.

Despite being somebody with an unquenchable thirst for murder, Dexter does care for his son. In reality, the first series frequently detected Dexter worried about the possibility that Harrison would follow in his footsteps and become a killer. After Dexter first came to a finish, Harrison was fairly young. However, by the time season 9 picks up, he must be a teenager. That will make the awareness of his father’s true livelihood, as hinted in the above-mentioned teaser, catastrophic. It might even place Harrison on his dark route, thus fulfilling Dexter’s worst fear.

This is not an explicit affirmation that Harrison will appear at Dexter season 9. Fans would probably want to see him find some resolution to his relationship with Dexter, but with the titular killer off in a new place using a new identity, there may be no space for a Harrison reappearance. Dexter is expected to premiere on Showtime in the fall, so the coming months could provide some new hints about whether Harrison will be back. Fans will just have to keep their eyes peeled for additional updates on the newest chapter in this dark tale.