Dexter Season 9

It has been proven that John Lithgow will be back His Emmy-winning role as Arthur Mitchell (aka the Trinity Killer) in the Revitalization. The Showtime hit series, created by James Manos Jr., centers on the titular forensic technique who lives a secret parallel existence as a vigilante serial murderer. It was an adaptation of Jeff Lindsay’s book. Darkly Dreaming Dexter However, the seasons that follow would be different from the original material.

Dexter has previously ended its run with season 8. Despite its high ratings, it received mostly negative reviews from fans and critics. After years of being criticized for the series finale’s conclusion, Clyde Phillips was named showrunner and Michael C. Hall would be returning to host a limited 10-episode series revival. Fans can expect to see a familiar face with the new cast of series stars.

Dexter Season 9

That Lithgow has signed on to reprise his role as Trinity Killer for Dexter. The details of the character’s return to the series are still being discussed. However, sources say that Lithgow will be filming in Los Angeles for the Emmy winner. Showtime is expected to air the revival this fall.

While there were many fascinating characters in Dexter‘s eight-season run, Lithgow’s Arthur Mitchell is often cited as the best. The character frequently appears on lists of TV’s most evil villains due to Lithgow’s powerful performance and his writing about the Trinity Killer’s backstory. One problem with his return is his rather grisly death at the hand’s Hall’s character in season 4.

Although not uncommon in television or film, the death of a character is often a cause for concern, especially when they are as beloved as Lithgow’s Trinity Killer. There is no word on whether flashbacks will be used in the revival, but there is a possibility that he could become a hallucination of the character with whom he had deep kinship. Time will only tell. Dexter returns to the network later in the year.