Desus and Mero Season 3: Release date, plot, cast and everything we know so far !
Desus and Mero Season 3: Release date, plot, cast and everything we know so far !

Desus & Mero Season 3 will be at the broadcast and viewers look forward to it.

The first late-night talk-show on Showtime is Desus & Mero. Comedians Desus Pleasant (Daniel Baker) and The Kid Mero will be introducing the show (Joel Martinez). Since premiering at Showtime in February 2019, the show became a favorite audience.

Since two comedians hosted Desus against Mero on Complex TV between 2013 and 2014 and Desus and Mero on Viceland TV between 2016 and 2018, Desus & Mero had a debut on the Net.

The show has featured numerous celebrities, including Missy Elliott, Alicia Keys, Lil Nas X, Zendaya, Don Cheadle, JadenSmith, Chloe x Halle, Gabrielle Union, and Dwyane Wade since Desus & Mero first debuted on Showtime in 2019.

High-profile political celebrities such as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortéz, Pete Buttigieg and Stacy Abrams have hosted them. They also participated.

Desus and Mero Season 3: Release date

Yeah, for the third season Desus & Mero is back in showtime.

The late-night chat show for Season 3 on 16 September 2020 was publicly announced by Showtime. Desus and Mero both went on Twitter for another year to announce the revival of the show. Fans were excited to hear about Desus & Mero’s renewal for Stage 3 and many took social media to share their pleasure.

Entertainment President Gary Levine announced that the first season of 2021 is Season 3. The precise date of the Season 3 premiere was not announced by Levine in 2021. However, in February 2019 and 2020, fans predict that Season 3 will premier in February 2021 or early in the year following the intervening two seasons.

Desus & Mero initiated a hiatus earlier that year after the coronavirus pandemic began. The program resumed on 30 March after the two comedians remotely began making the show.

Desus and Mero Season 3: Expected Cast

As reported, the host for season 3 will be Desus Nice (Daniel Baker) and Mero (Joel Martinez). Both are friends in the Bronx for many years. They reconnected online and collaborated together to establish a fruitful broadcasting career.

The duo had made their famous podcast, Bodega Boys before Desus & Mero turned up at Showtime. They have also previously performed famous TV and Viceland talk shows. Following the pair’s presence at Showtime, the comedians came into notice that they were able to recruit a research team, create a writing room. And also, produce further sketches because of the expanded budget for this network’s talk show.

Josh Gondelman, Ziwe Fumudoh, Mike Pielocik, Claire Friedman, Robert Kornhauser, and Heben Nigatu are among the writing team. Desus, Mero, Lilly Burns, Tony Hernandez, Victor Lopez, Suzanne Fagel, and Mike Pielocik are co-producer of this series.

Desus and Mero Season 3: Plot

Showtime didn’t know what viewers could expect during Season 3. The audiences may be confident that the comedians would welcome highly-qualified guests once again. The guys will also entertain witty and insightful talking audiences with, particularly fashionable subjects. Such, in the fields of music, politics, and diversion.

Desus and Mero in their show are different from all the late-night TV shows because they appear to concentrate primarily on New York subjects. He said that although blamed for being too centered in New York, the couple still tackles domestic concerns.

Desus said during a press tour in Pasadena in January 2019, that we like to keep our ears on the streets and see what people care about.