Destiny 2: Newlight

Christmas 2020 is coming up and so is the Dawning Event of Destiny 2. Destiny 2: Newlight is a free online multiplayer game created by Bungie and can be played on platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and Stadia.

It was originally released in 2017 as a pay to play game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox and became a free online game on 1st October 2019.

Destiny 2: Newlight

Now that the Dawning event 2020 has begun on 15th December, players will be able to obtain various rewards and gifts which can be collected and used till 5th January 2021.

What is the Flash of Inspiration used for?

Destiny 2: Newlight the Flash of inspiration is an ingredient used for making Candy Dead Ghosts and Traveler Donut Holes. It is basically a crafting item to complete recipes during the Dawning Event.

How to obtain the Flash of Inspiration?

Destiny 2: Newlight

As mentioned above, the Flash of Inspiration is an ingredient Destiny 2: Newlight that is used to make certain candies, however, obtaining it may not be that easy for players. To grind for the Flash of Inspiration, players have to generate Orbs of Light by defeating weaker enemies.

One can participate in Public events or Strike events and look for weaker enemies as Orbs of Light are obtain once weaker enemies are slain using your Super Ability. One can also obtain the Orbs of Light by participating in an event where a large number of enemies can be assassinated at the same time and by using weapons with perks, for example, the flaming hammer can be used on Titans.

Destiny 2: Newlight

However, the process of obtaining the Flash of Inspiration can be extremely work-some as the item is rare and can drop out suddenly depending on your luck (Christmas luck). Players will have to keep fighting repeatedly to obtain the flash by using their Super Ability on the weaker enemies and thereby increasing their Orbs of Light.

For now, the Dawning Event is on a gamer should not miss this super amazing opportunity to attain awesome winter rewards.

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Happy Holidays!