Ergo, the minions and the ‘Despicable Me’ don’t go anywhere in the longer term and the films will come until they have a following that will always be in children’s shape and their families. The first, a direct sequel to the Despicable Me series and the second to the separate Prequel. Spin-off franchise is currently under development, Minions, entitled ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru.’ We’re talking about the former here.


Honestly, you don’t go through these films, wanting the most brain drama lines to be fed; it’s fun and it just needs to be said that they are the ultimate scene stealers, in all four films. I respect everything he has done, Steve Carell has a personal favourite here. Nobody else is expected to play Gru, and the essence of these films is his chemicals with the three ladies. But don’t make a mistake, where are the sluts, the money.

There’s also just official confirmation of the follow-up, as ‘Despicable Me 3’ was a trillion-dollar movie, but no plot specifics are yet known. For a start, looking at the original film trilogy, it seems like Gru’s family with his wife Lucy, Edith, Margo, Agnes, his mother, and Dru, his twin brother, is complete. There’s no decent tale here worth remembering for some time to come. That is drawn back to the villain universe at the end of the third film. The family is now working with Gru.


Invariably, if you want to make this one perfect outing like the last three, the whole band will have to come together. You would also expect Steve Carell to be both Gru and Dru, Kristen Wiig to be Lucy Wilde. Also, Miranda Cosgrove to be Margo, Dana Gaier to be Edith, Nev Scharrel to be Agnes. Steve Coogan to become Silas Ramsbottom will be there. Julie Andrews to be Marlena, Gru and Dru’s mum, A brilliant Pierre Coffin who played a major role in creating the franchise directed all four films that talked to every minion, particularly the minions. Because none of the films had repeated antagonists, you would also assume that if a possible villain is unveiled. They will have a new cast. Or much better, when a draught has been finalized.

Release Date

The first of these is ‘Minions: the Rise of Gru,’ which is to be premiered next summer, the 3rd July 2020, as mentioned in the opening paragraph. It would therefore be careful to conclude for a further two years to oversee the next Despicable Me project, even if not seemingly linked with this film. This is because nearly the same team would contribute to both films’ production. Assume that in the summer of 2022 ‘Despicable Me 4’ hit theatres.