Irdeto, one of the best-known companies in anti-piracy and anti-cheat protection for games, announced the arrival of Denuvo to Steamworks. In this way, developers and studios that have games on the Steam store will be able to incorporate anti-cheat software into their titles.

According to Irdeto, Denuvo has more than 2 billion game installs across all platforms, protecting more than 1,000 games worldwide. This makes it one of the leading software in the industry.

In addition, the company highlighted the impact that the use of hacks can cause in an online game. According to one of the surveys carried out by the company, around 78% of the adults surveyed are forced to give up the game when others use cheats.

The value of a large platform like Steam has many benefits that are provided and shared by all participants. We are delighted to make it easier for game developers to manage their communities and to be able to share our latest technology with game developers in the store, said Reinhard Blaukovitsch managing director of the Denuvo division.

With this in mind, Denuvo offers developers the detection of aimbots, wallhacks, and mods that alter game logic or data. This detection obviously aims to ensure fair play.

Something very important to keep in mind is that the anti-cheat system is not the same as anti-piracy or manipulation. The latter is used by many of the AAA titles such as Marvel’s Avengers, Star Wars: Squadrons, although as we saw previously, it is not cheap at all.