In April 2019, Japan’s first season premiered on “Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba,” a series based on KoyoharuGotouge’s manga. This shonen became a hit in Japan and the rest of the world in a short period. The second season will arrive sooner than expected, as it was confirmed during this month.

The KMN story takes you back to Japan during the Taisho era. It introduces Tanjiro Kamado to us, a kind-hearted young man living in the mountains with his family. Tanjiro’s family is brutally murdered by a demonic. This leads to a very dark turn in the story. Mizuko, her sister, is the only survivor. However, she was transformed into a demonic being. The young woman is still human, and her brother will protect her and do all they can to find the truth. Things will change once Tanjiro discovers there is a group responsible for fighting demons.

Nearly sticking to the first season of the story, Ufotable began animating the second arc using film format. “Demon Slayer”: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Mugen Train was released in Japanese cinemas during the pandemic. This movie became a big hit. The collection exceeded all expectations. It even beat Studio Ghibli’s ” Spirited Away” tank. The film made it across the continent to reach theaters in America where it continues to make a huge impact at the box office.

It’s time for the second season. The adaptation of “The Entertainment District” will be the focus. The action begins almost immediately after ” Mugen Train “. The protagonists, Tanjiro (Neuko), Inosuke (and Zenitsu) will help the Sound Hashira pillar to locate a demon who is killing the inhabitants of the district.

This Tuesday’s surprise was the announcement that “Demon Slayer – Kimetsu to Yaiba” would arrive in July. Although it was expected that the show would debut in October, the first episode will appear on Japanese TV and Crunchyroll’s streaming service Crunchyroll.