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Home care services are the embodiment of comfort, security, and reliability. If you or your loved ones seek help, aid, or support from medical workers or care providers, then home care services will provide you with private space if you are not willing to sacrifice the comfort of your home and the most intimate care. 

Statistically speaking, roughly around 6 million people in the USA who struggle with Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia remain at home in order to be fully supported with everyday challenges which they can potentially come across them or their family members of the family turn to local in-home care services for dementia. In-home care help is indispensable, with all the burden being on the shoulders of the family. 

What is dementia?

Generally speaking, dementia is not just plainly a disease yet more of the general term for impaired ability. Signs of dementia are loss of memory, language, and thinking abilities which severely interfere with daily activities. Moreover, the most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is believed to affect seniors the most. However, it is not a sign of normal aging. There are many signs in the early stages:

  • Getting lost in a familiar neighborhood
  • Forgetting the home of a close family member or a friend
  • Forgetting old memories
  • Not being able to complete tasks independently

Truth be told, signs do come out in early stages, decline the state of a person progressively and slowly, and worsen the overall well-being. First and foremost, booking an appointment with a doctor would be a conscious thing to do. In such a case, professional evaluation may help to detect a treatable condition. 

Bear in mind that even at the inception of the disease, even occasional assistance or daily care is necessary. Surely, this is all purely individual, and what to do in this or that situation varies since everything depends on the patient’s medical needs. 

Below, there is a basic overview of why in-home care is one of the best choices for dementia patients. 

Why is in-home care the best option for dementia patients?

The broad statement is that the care of dementia is actually the care of two people: the person with the illness and the person taking care of the former. However, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine’s report, a staggering number of both groups have unmet needs, and it simply jeopardizes the ability of patients to remain home for as long as they desire. According to behavioral studies from Johns Hopkins Medicine, in current times, it is not possible to cure dementia fully. However, with a systematic approach, negative effects can be minimized. 

As practice shows, dementia patients opt to stay in their own homes as long as they prefer. Usually, it is the most feasible approach in the early stages because the patent requires basic care:

  • food preparation;
  • assistance with personal care and cleaning;
  • household tasks;
  • general help with mundane tasks. 

In such a scenario, a caregiver does not have to be a professionally trained medical staff and can do these kinds of tasks hand in hand with family members. Nevertheless, professional in-home caregivers are also available for patients with dementia, enabling patients to maintain relatively independent living for as long as possible. 

There are innumerable reasons for in-home care to be the best option for patients with dementia. In this article, a few of the most profound will be included:

  1. Safety precautions are something to consider for senior patients who experience disorientation and start to wander. In the negative outcome, which is usually resulted from the fall, immediate hospitalization and long-term care will be paramount. However, caregivers can assist patients at home and prevent them from any hazards on their way and make their life at home more secure. When the condition of dementia progresses, then without any doubt should, a professional caregiver should be hired for full-time supervision. 
  2. Health care is believed to be a regular medical treatment that makes aging less worrisome and debilitating even at home since health conditions in concert with dementia present real challenges. Quite often, such conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure, and others can be further exacerbated by dementia symptoms and lead to poor quality of life. On top of that, mental health issues, like anxiety and depression, can predate the onset of dementia and harden the conditions. Whether patients have pre-existing issues or health illness progress with the start of dementia, in-home care with professionals is highly required for regular medical check-ups, even at home, and keeping a consistent diet in order to support the immune system. 
  3. Stimulation can be deciphered as an appropriate stimulation through therapy which reduces agitation and makes dementia symptoms more manageable. Patients with dementia require constant exercises and activities for sensory stimulation. Additionally, all dementia patients need socialization because various types of interactions improve their quality of life.  

The listed reasons showcase that such in-home care works within the frame of independence of the client and with the idea of keeping their previous life with as few alterations as possible in case of dementia. Galaxy Home Care center’s duty is to provide a full range of services in order to prolong the duration of life of their patients and make it with comfort. Thus, such thorough attention is dedicated to little details with health and safety in order to minimize risks. 


All things considered, in-home care is the most comfortable and convenient option for clients who recover from hard illnesses such as dementia because they require constant supervision and assistance with their daily routine. Currently, there is a plethora of available services which can provide needed help. For instance, Galaxy Home Care is known as one of the leading care providers with a wide range of services and programs which their clients may need. Their aim as a care service is to improve the quality of life and make aging, even with dementia, longer and more secure. In-home care from Galaxy Home Care will provide customized programs in any situation.