Disney + will have a lot of Star Wars and Marvel content, so Warner Bros. wants to do battle and they will make some new DC Comics series for HBO Max . We already know we can see Lantern Corps. and the extended version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League . But he could also make the leap from the comics Punchline , the Joker’s new girlfriend.

As most of their characters are committed to the DCEU, the Arrowverse or will have alternative versions such as Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker or Robert Pattinson’s Batman , they will have to use other heroes and villains for new DC Comics series.

Without a doubt, she is a very interesting villain for her live action series.

Currently at Warner Bros / DC Comics they have discussions about a Punchline television series on HBO Max. No development has started yet. But they are talking about it and pitching ideas. From a marketing standpoint, Punchline may not be a Joker, but it can be quite shocking. Executives see her as a cross between the Joker and Harley Quinn , and that equates to paying subscribers on the streaming platform.

Punchline is Joker’s girlfriend in DC Comics, and there’s a chance that the “crime clown” and Batman are fancy sidekicks in a Gotham city in chaos. Since she is a Snyder College student named Alexis Kaye , she had a crush on the Joker. Finally, she got to know him on the Internet when he taught her how to create a powerful poison.

With her new toxins, Alexis set about murdering homeless people in Gotham for fun. On college superhero day, she decided to dress up in a Joker-inspired costume. Because of this, the dean tried to talk to her privately only for her to assassinate him and complete his transformation into “Punchline” . Joker seemed to consider her as “the funniest person he had ever met in his life.”

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