If you consider earning money with an app, think of the enormous dating app potential. People will always be interested in romantic relationships, regardless of the social and economic situation. You can create an app yourself or resort to the help of companies engaged in dating app development. In this article, we are trying to analyze this phenomenon from users’ and developers’ points of view.

Demand for Dating Apps

In the past, people meet in clubs, dancing halls, or balls. But these social events have gradually gone out of vogue. Nowadays, people are more reserved and lonelier. So, the natural need in social communications remains unsatisfied. We use the internet in order to have conversations or find the love of life. The dating apps can help in this and provide multiple opportunities. But this is not the only reason for their popularity. People like using this type of adds, because of four factors.


You can spend a long time on virtual communication before you decide to meet someone in person. All crazy and strange potential partners will show themselves at this virtual stage, and you can filter them out. The online dates make people more open, and you will quickly understand if it’s not your type. If you are careful enough, the possibility of stalking or other unpleasant consequences is almost eliminated.

Geographical freedom

You can meet interesting people worldwide. With the help of dating apps, it’s really simple: just state the desired city or country in the search filter and enjoy conversations and flirting. Maybe you consider moving to another region. In this case, you can find friends or a date there in advance.


You can fit in communications in your busy lifestyle. Dating apps provide an opportunity to communicate at work, on your way home, or at the gym between sets. It saves a lot of time, and you can meet in person only with truly suitable potential candidates. It’s also great fun when you have a lot of time to kill.

Wide Choice

In dating apps, you can find plenty of potential partners and friends; moreover, these people have the same goal, eliminating the risk of immediate rejection. All users are interested in making acquaintances, so your chances are higher than in real life. If you have special interests, you can find the app specializing in such dates and avoid judging people with other values.

Commercial Potential of Dating Apps

Dating apps provide several ways of earning money. You can provide free access and have revenue from third-party ads. Another variant of this model is free to access the basic functions with ads and paid access to premium features or using the app without ads. The second model includes paid membership with some benefits or premium functions.

Usually, it works as a subscription with monthly payments and automatic renewal. The third variant offers users to buy internal currency for buying presents and other actions in the app. In any model, you will receive revenue from users and third-party companies.

Now you know how dating apps can bring you money, but what money are we talking about? According to statistics, at the beginning of this year, the monthly earnings of the app Tinder were more than $65 million. The second most popular app, Bumble, earned almost $19.7 million during the same period. Obviously, the less popular dating apps will make less money, but it’s the impressive revenue all the same.

How to Develop a Dating App

Creating of any app includes several stages and follows the defined procedure. We described every step in detail to prevent you from making common mistakes.

Finding your Niche

The great variety of existing apps is not the same. We can divide them into various categories according to the main opportunities offered to the users:

  • apps for finding friends and companions;
  • apps for one-time sex meetings;
  • apps concentrating on finding a perfect match for serious relationships;
  • apps for people with certain orientations and special interests.

The list is not complete because the possibilities are endless. Think of the shtick making your project unique and attracting users. All successful dating apps have something special: geolocation matching, questionnaires to find the best partner, etc. Think of the feature that can be interesting for the group of people.

An example of such a feature is the idea of matching people based on their attitude to pets. It sounds weird, but pets are a common reason for breaking up, and many users want to find a like-minded partner. The app offers matches according to their attitude to pets. Users can choose a partner who loves dogs or cats or doesn’t want to have any pets at home.

Finding the Developer

Unless you are a part of a developing team, you’ll have to hire professionals for this job. There are a lot of companies offering such services; you can easily find their contact information on Google. We want to give a couple of tips on the selection of the company.

Do research. Find all the data about the contractor you want to hire. Check the feedbacks and reviews and study the results of their work. Reliable developers are proud of their projects and don’t hide the names of the apps they’ve already made.

Talk to the managers of the selected companies. The trustworthy services try to provide maximum transparency of the development process for their clients. They will tell you about every development step in detail and give the exact calculation of the costs.

Rely on your intuition. Sometimes the most reliable contractor can’t provide the result you need because of a different attitude to process organization or other factors. Choose the company you can deal with easily and without misunderstandings. Communication with the developer is an important part of app creation, so if you feel uncomfortable, keep searching.

The Development Process

The process of app creation includes design, frontend and backend development, project management, and testing. One person can’t cover all these aspects, so usually, it’s a job for the team. The process is not linear; some stages can be accomplished at the same time, like frontend and backend development. Testing should accompany every step to ensure the absence of fatal errors.

The terms of project accomplishment can vary according to experience, means, and the number of team members. On average, you’ll receive a fully functional app in 5-7 months. Developing the app for both Android and iOS is the best decision, but you can choose only one platform. Some services offer simultaneous development; others provide a discount for adapting the app for another platform.

While the technical aspects are covered by the contractor you hired, you have to make a decision about the functions and features of your future app. Think through the options of signing in, the registration data, the design, and the options of the user’s profile. Choose the commercial model of the app and define the communication options available for users. The specialists in the company you hired can advise you on the best variants, but you have to know what you want. It would be best if you had a clear picture of your future app and its functionality.

Love and support of loved ones is the best source of hope and energy in this psychologically hard time of pandemic-related social restrictions. Sometimes dating app is the only opportunity for lonely people to find meaningful relationships. For others, such an app is a way to have fun and blow off steam in one-night adventures. The app you are planning to make will make someone happy and will give users a chance to fall in love. I hope, this article gave you some ideas and showed some details of the development process.