Das WeltAuto, the Volkswagen Group’s VO brand, will give SOS Children’s Villages a total of seven used vehicles that will provide mobility services within the NGO’s protection programs in different autonomous communities. This initiative, under the slogan An occasion to help, is part of the Volkswagen Group’s commitment to supporting children at risk of exclusion. Under this initiative, Das WeltAuto yields to SOS Children’s Villages seven vehicles that will be used to meet the needs of the mobility of about 300 children who grow up deprived of the care of their parents in six of the villages that the organization has in Spain.

The vehicles will be transferred for one year, at the end of which they may be renewed for others of similar characteristics. Specifically, the used vehicles are two Volkswagen Touran, two SEAT Tarraco, a Volkswagen Sharan, a KODA Kodiaq, and a Volkswagen Caravelle. All of them have passed the exhaustive review of Das WeltAuto and have the guarantee of the Volkswagen Group. These models have been chosen based on the characteristics indicated by Aldeas. Regarding their destination, two of the cars will cover the mobility needs of Aldeas in the Community of Madrid, and the rest will be used in Catalonia, Galicia, Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia, and Aragon. The delivery of the cars will take place in the next few weeks.

With this initiative, Das WeltAuto wants to contribute to the work of integrating children in vulnerable situations, providing vehicles so that they can attend their training activities, go to the doctor or enjoy leisure activities that require travel. It is a great satisfaction to be able to help an organization like SOS Children’s Villages, which does an extraordinary job with around 10,000 children and young people throughout Spain. We hope that these cars will allow the development of training and leisure projects for children, says the person in charge of Das WeltAuto in Seat, Arantxa Esteban.

For his part, the head of Das WeltAuto at Volkswagen Group España Distribución, Antonio García, said From Aldeas Infantiles SOS they transferred their needs to us and we are delighted to provide seven vehicles of the Volkswagen Group brands. The president of SOS Children’s Villages of Spain Pedro Puig, thanked VW for its collaboration, thanks to which we will be able to provide children with much more personalized and individualized attention in terms of mobility. These seven vehicles will allow us to give a much more agile response to the travel needs that children have to go to school to go to their extracurricular activities, to go to the doctor, or to solve any emergency that may arise.