Superstar Damian Priest was interviewed by Sportskeeda to talk about his recent promotion to Monday Night Raw and how he found out that he was going to participate in the Royal Rumble 2021. Here are the most important statements.

I know that the rumors that I was going to be promoted were circulating everywhere but you know what this business is like, nobody wanted to tell me directly because they were just rumors and I was not going to change the way I work, my priority was NXT so I took it with Calm down. Then they started saying that I could be in Royal Rumble. I thought the idea was great but I’m an NXT superstar, I really wanted to be focused on that, I didn’t care about the future, but giving a good show in the present.

Then Triple H approached me and personally informed me that he was going to participate in the Royal Rumble. He wanted to say my face to face, shake my hand, and congratulate me. I appreciate that he was the one who told me because he has helped me so much throughout the years and he believed in me. It helped me believe that it was okay to be myself. I thanked him so much for his words and moved on. It’s great everything that’s happening.

In the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, singer Bad Bunny introduced Damian Priest and faced The Miz in their debut match and achieved victory. According to rumors, the story between the singer and Priest against Miz & Morrison could continue for several more months and there is even talk of the possibility that they meet at WrestleMania 37.