WWE Superstar Damian Priest was recently interviewed by Scott Fishman of TVInsider. Among other things, The Archer of Infamy spoke about his alliance with Bad Bunny about Edge’s gesture when shaking his hand on Monday Night RAW, and about his debut in the red brand. Here are the most prominent statements.

He Feels Comfortable Next To Bad Bunny

People who don’t usually watch wrestling are now talking about it and seeing the product thanks to the appearance of Bad Bunny. They want to know more about my union with him. I’m enjoying the experience.

People know me as a fan of rock and heavy metal, but on many occasions, Bad Bunny plays on my Spotify. I know his music and I like it. I also like the person. We are very similar people. I grew up in the same municipality where he was born in Puerto Rico. We had a complicated education. He has done things in his own way and he does not care what others may think of him. He loves wrestling. He exclaimed it when we met. We made a connection. Not only because we are both dedicated to the world of entertainment, but because of the heritage of our culture and the hobbies we share, because of our personalities. I like to be by his side.

Thank You Very Much For Edge’s Gesture On Monday Night Raw

If you watch the segment again take a look at my reaction. I couldn’t even get a ‘thank you’. That was Edge at his core. I’m so grateful for his gesture. He didn’t have to. I would never dare compare myself to John Cena or The Undertaker but I’m sure that moment was as special to me as it was to John at the time. He knew he was going to be promoted to RAW before Royal Rumble I think the news was made official a few days before Royal Rumble. As the event got closer, I tried not to think too much about it. You can feel overwhelmed with emotions for something that may not happen.