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  • Space X CEO and Tesla Boss Elon Musk are known for causing ripples in the global cryptocurrency market with his one tweet. 

Space X CEO and Tesla Boss Elon Musk are known for causing ripples in the global cryptocurrency marketplace with his one tweet. 1 tweet from the US billionaire sets the price of a coin soaring or brings it to the surface.

Recently, Elon Musk tweeted a picture of bitcoin with broken heart emoji, triggering its decrease. Top-ranked cryptocurrency went down by almost 7 percent shortly after Musk’s tweet. Last week, he also shared with a’youth’ image of his workstation with Shiba Inu dog featuring inside.

Shortly, the meme coin price saw a spike of almost 30 percent in just two weeks’ trading session. But this broken-heart emoji didn’t go down well with an anonymous hacker group, which cautioned the Tesla CEO of consequences if he continues to manipulate the prices of cryptocurrencies.

elon musk

Hacker group Anonymous warning to Elon MuskIn a video tweet published via this hacker group, Anonymous alleged that recent tweets by Musk clearly show disregard for the average working individual. It also alleged that his matches with the cryptocurrency market’ have ruined countless retail investors’ resides.

“They were counting on their crypto gains to boost their lives,” explained Anonymous, the hacker group, in a video series by TMZ. Cryptocurrencies Cost June 7, 2021Meanwhile, Bitcoin was trading at Rs 27,80,024up 0.14 % on Monday. The latest details about CoinSwitch Kuber at 1:15 pm revealed the number one coin-making day’s high of Rs 28,31,044 and one-fifth low of Rs 27,52,761.

elon musk

Similarly, Dogecoin was trading 0.33 % higher at Rs 28.90. Dogecoin traded in the range of Rs 28.62 and Rs 29.23. Ethereum, which holds number two global standing, was trading at Rs 2,13,006up 2.78 %. Ethereum 24-hour high was 2,15,351, while the daily low stood at Rs 2,06,939.

The popular meme coin was seen trading in a really short range on Monday. Shiba Inu was trading at Rs 0.000656 on the Wazirx crypto market on Monday. Wazirx 1-day data showed the hugely popular coin making a 24-hour high of Rs 0.000669 and a low of 0.000632.