Brazil surpassed 10 million cases of covid-19 on Thursday pending the arrival of more vaccines and in the midst of the controversy generated by reports of fraud in the inoculation of the antigen that are being investigated by the police. Brazil, one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic along with the United States and India, today reached 243,457 deaths and 10,030,626 accumulated cases since the first contagion was registered, almost a year ago.0.05 Colombia added 4,824 new cases of covid-19 and reached 2,212,525 infections this Thursday, the day that mass vaccination began in the country’s large cities such as Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, and Cartagena de Indias, reported the Ministry of Health.

During the day, 200 deaths of which 158 occurred in previous days, and the number of fatalities left by the coronavirus pandemic rose to 58,334. In the country there are still 42,102 active cases, corresponding to 1.9% of the total, and 2,105,445 patients appear as recovered that is, 95.1% of the people who have contracted covid-19 in Colombia. The United States will donate $ 2 billion for the development and equitable distribution of covid-19 vaccines globally and will contribute another $ 2 billion in the coming months, in an attempt to assume international leadership against the disease. pandemic.

The US president Joe Biden will formally announce this commitment this Friday which amounts to a total of 4,000 million until 2022 – during a virtual G7 summit, the first international meeting in which the new president participates since he came to power in January. Since this Thursday Paraguay has its first vaccines against the coronavirus, a shipment of 4,000 doses of Sputnik V that will be applied to health personnel and that were received at the Asunción international airport between national flags. The plane a freighter from Moscow landed on the jetty reserved for presidential flights in the presence of the Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, other authorities, and a good number of journalists

The vaccine container, adjusted to the pertinent chilled was wrapped with a Paraguayan flag before being lowered from the device, which previously made stops in Miami and Bogota. Israel will extend the closure of its borders for two weeks as part of the fight against covid-19, the Health Ministry and the prime minister’s office announced in a joint statement on Thursday. The government voted in favor of extending the closure of the borders for 14 days until March 6 the statement said. Israel suspended international flights on January 24 to try to tackle the pandemic, and later closed the border crossings with Egypt and Jordan. Argentina registered 7,671 new cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus this Thursday, bringing the number of positives to 2,046,795, while deaths rose to 50,857 after 242 more deaths were confirmed. According to official records, the province of Buenos Aires remains the district with the most confirmed cases so far (854,310, of which 3,254 were notified this Thursday), followed by the city of Buenos Aires, with 224,931 confirmed infections, 794 of them.

rail surpassed 10 million cases of covid-19 this Thursday, pending the arrival of more vaccines and amid the controversy generated by allegations of fraud in the inoculation of the antigen that are being investigated by the police. Brazil, one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic along with the United States and India, today reached 243,457 deaths and 10,030,626 accumulated cases since the first contagion was registered, almost a year ago. The German laboratory CureVac began the last and third phase of the large-scale clinical trials of its vaccine against covid-19 in Panama, in which about 3,000 Panamanians are expected to participate to demonstrate the efficacy and safety.

The German firm in a statement dated Panama City that it has already enrolled the first participants in this clinical study and that it seeks a total of 3,000 volunteers in the Central American country. The British variant of the coronavirus already accounts for 36 percent of the positives for coronavirus in France, as announced this Thursday by these territorial committees of High Impact Public Health Alert of the eight Andalusian provinces have met this Thursday to analyze the epidemiological data in their respective areas of action and decide the restrictions based on the incidence rate of covid-19.

As Granada Cordoba and Malaga have fallen below 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in fourteen days their neighbors will be able to enter and leave these cities although throughout Andalusia the closures of the provinces are maintained so they will continue to be unable to travel one to another. The number of workers on file for temporary employment regulation touched almost 900,000 workers between February 1 and 11, after adding almost 140,000 people compared to January data (738,969), according to data announced this Thursday by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, José Luis Escriva.

Until February 11, the number of workers in ERTE was 878,000 workers (+139,031 people). However, in a meeting with the General Council of Economists, the minister stated that in the coming weeks there will be a “significant” reduction in the number of workers who are covered by this mechanism.

Africa has exceeded 100,000 deaths from Covid according to an AFP count. The 54 countries of the continent total 100,000 deaths (for 3,341,197 declared cases), which represents a balance clearly lower than Europe (818,912), Latin America and the Caribbean (649,006), and the United States and Canada (512,295). South Africa accounts for about half of the deaths, with 48,478 cases. The number of diagnosed cases and reported deaths is based on the official counts for each country, and they only represent a fraction of the true total of infections. The Junta de Andalucia will apply from 0.00 hours this Friday, February 19, the perimeter closure to 132 municipalities 161 less than last week- with a coronavirus incidence rate higher than 500 cases of Covid per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, including the capitals of Almería and Cadiz.

For 29 of those 132 municipalities, the Board also dictates the closure of all non-essential activities for exceeding 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. The validity of these measures will be seven days from 00.00 this Friday, as reported by the Andalusian Administration. The territorial High Impact Public Health Alert committees of the eight Andalusian provinces have met this Thursday, via telematics, chaired by the territorial delegates of Health and Families, to analyze the epidemiological data in their respective fields of action.


The director of the CCAES, Fernando Simon has announced that the data continues to improve throughout Spain and has advanced that, if the current trend continues, several regions could soon leave the dark red color that marks the maximum alert and that now presents almost all the national map.

We have to be especially careful not to rebound again, said Simon, who referred to the risk that the new variants could be more contagious. Not to be expected, the Health spokesperson pointed out, is that the trend continues for at least four days, although we have to see what happens with the relaxation of the measures in some autonomous communities. They are still very high figures, which do not allow us to think that we can soften the measures more than necessary the epidemiologist reiterated.


The number of infections is another indicator that has improved in the last week, although in the last 24 hours a higher figure is registered than in the two previous days (14,515 compared to more than 10,000 on Wednesday and Tuesday). Diagnosed the previous day are 4,323 (highlighting Madrid with 1,662 cases, Basque Country with 475, Castilla y León with 394, and Andalusia with 313), which brings the total of cases in our country since the start of the pandemic to 3,121,687.

Canarias (118.42), Balearic Islands (142.33), Extremadura (159.69), Cantabria (192.57), Murcia (207.44), Navarra (214.61), and La Rioja (245.58) were They are below 250 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, so they are outside what is considered a maximum risk. The highest AI is registered above 500 Melilla (527.25), followed by Madrid (456.76) and Ceuta (415.21). The rest of the autonomies are below 400. The Ministry of Health has communicated in its report on the coronavirus 14,515 new infections and 388 deaths. The accumulated incidence, for its part, which was yesterday at 349.81, fell to 320.81.

In Spain, 2,782,751 doses of the Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca have been administered until this Thursday, 76.8 percent of those distributed among the autonomous communities, which amounts to 3,622,165 units. Also, 1,144,556 have already received the complete vaccination schedule. The Ministry of Health has provided this information in the activity report of the vaccination process against Covid-19 based on data collected between December 27, the day the vaccinations began, and this Thursday, February 18, although some communities are late in communicating information and only eight have provided updated data.

Data from the department headed by Carolina Darias indicate that in this period 3,012,165 doses of Pfizer have been received in Spain, with 2,615,838 doses administered and 1,129,821 people have already received the complete regimen 192,000 correspondings to Moderna, with 120,042 already inoculated and 14,735 people with the complete vaccination schedule administered; and 418,000 from AstraZeneca, with 46,871 doses administered
The Valencian Community has recorded 92 deaths (35 of them among residents) and 3,065 new coronavirus infections in the last twenty-four hours, with hospital pressure down both in admissions and in ICU patients.

Since this Wednesday’s update, 5,594 patients with covid-19 have been discharged and there are currently 21,064 active cases, 5.5% of the positive ones, and 41 outbreaks have been registered, as reported by the Ministry of Health. Hospitals have 1,848 people admitted (133 less than the day before) and 419 are in the ICU (17 less), thus continuing the downward trend in hospital pressure. The General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges has launched a 360º strategy, ‘I get vaccinated, for myself and for everyone’, whose objective is to generate trust among the population regarding vaccines against Covid-19.

Within the framework of this strategy, a cycle of ‘webinar’ will be developed, with reference health professionals, through the school of Patients’ on demystifying hoaxes, as well as on vaccines for Covid-19 independent patients and in chronic patients. In the same way, in the context of this campaign, informative materials are also being developed for the population on different aspects related to these vaccines, such as the infographics released on clinical trials of vaccines and adverse reactions. Vaccines, like any other medicine, undergo a rigorous research process before being authorized and placed on the market, which is detailed in this material. The platform La Hostelería de Todos, which brings together about 1,000 hoteliers, has started the process with which it intends to claim 65 million from the Government in damages derived from the restrictions related to the pandemic.

The group is represented by the firm Cremades y Calvo-Sotelo, which has already presented the first 100 lawsuits and will continue to do so every week in blocks of 100 and 200, as explained by the firm’s partner Diego Solana in statements collected by Efe. The Community of Madrid has registered 2,104 new coronavirus infections this Thursday, compared to the 2,394 reported on Wednesday, while it has added 43 deaths from covid-19 in hospitals in the region (four less than yesterday) and hospital pressure has dropped. Of the new cases detected in Madrid, 1,666 correspond to the last 24 hours and amount to a total of 584,507 during the entire pandemic. On the other hand, the Community of Madrid accumulates 15,147 deaths from coronavirus in hospitals, 5,050 in social-health centers, 1,289 in homes, and 30 in other places, which brings the number of deaths in the region to 21,516.

Hospital pressure has dropped, with 2,685 patients admitted to the ward compared to 2,865 on Wednesday, although it has risen slightly in the ICU, going from 649 to 655 admitted. The head of the anticovid technical unit of the World Health Organization (WHO), Maria Van Kerkhove, highlighted at a press conference that the agency has found no evidence that the variant of covid-19 identified for the first time in South Africa is more deadly than others. There is also no indication that it causes more severe cases or is more difficult to diagnose. Yes, an increase in contagion capacity has been identified similar to what we observed with the UK variant admitted Van Kerkhove.

Another aspect that the WHO has detected is that the anticovid vaccines of manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, or AstraZeneca are less effective against this variant, detected according to the organization in about fifty countries. The outbreak in the health field declared on Wednesday 17 by the Epidemiological Services of the Junta de Castilla y León in the Hospital Santa Bárbara de Soria continues with the initial five positive cases all of the patients admitted to an Internal Medicine plant, not intended for COVID patients as reported by the delegation of the Board in Soria.

The PCR tests for the diagnosis of COVID-19 carried out on Wednesday to 67 health and service workers of the center, after the Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine and Occupational Health services carried out the contact study have been negative. The cases were detected when carrying out, on Tuesday, January 16, one of the systematic safety screenings that the Healthcare Management carries out with a PCR test for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 among patients admitted to plants not destined to be positive by The World Health Organization (WHO) has dismissed the theory that imported frozen foods triggered the initial outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan during December 2019, as suggested by the Chinese authorities.

The idea of ​​importing the virus to China in these frozen foods is not something we are analyzing Peter Ben Embarek, WHO Food Safety and Animal Diseases specialist and president, commented this Thursday at a press conference from Geneva (Switzerland). of the research team in Wuhan. According to the expert, the research team is now focusing its investigations on that the local trade in frozen, wild farm animals, which are produced, particularly in southern China, could introduce the virus into the Wuhan market. That is a very different discussion compared to international trade, he said.

An elderly person in the residences of Bizkaia has died from covid-19 in the last two days with which there are already 209 users of these centers decreased in the second and third waves of the pandemic while the number of affected has continued to decline and they are hardThe Minister of Health Carolina Daria s has assured this Thursday that to date a very small number of the population in Spain has rejected the coronavirus vaccine, with which the acceptance of these drugs is being excellent.

The minister has expressed herself in this way in her appearance at the Congressional Health Commission to report on the Executive’s measures to stop the pandemic, in which she has insisted that even though the accumulated incidence of covid cases continues in decline, we continue at maximum alert levels, with very high ranges of occupation of the units, which continue to cause concern. That is why it has once again called for prudence and not to relax the restrictions until reaching figures with lower levels of risk the path of reducing the measures must be progressive, without abrupt decreases said the minister especially with the circulation of new variants of the virus which according to scientific evidence could be more transmissible.

Castilla y Leon adds 474 new confirmed cases of Covid-19, which places the global figure to date at 208,422 while registering 29 new fatalities, all of them in hospitals, as well as a total of 25,824 medical discharges, of the 172 new ones, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health and collected by Europa Press. The statistics published this Thursday register 29 deaths in the hospitals of the Community, which brings the total number of deaths in these centers to 5,232.

In total, 208,422 positives in COVID-19 have already been diagnosed in the Community in the different types of tests, after 474 have been added on the last day. Of this total number, 201,624 positives have been confirmed in PCR and antigen tests. The Ministry of Health has opened an investigation at the Nuestra Senora del Carmen residence in Comillas regarding the possibility that vaccinations against Covid have been carried out on people to whom it did not correspond.

This was announced by the vice president of Cantabria, Pablo Zuloaga, to questions from the press after the information that indicates that the former mayor of Comillas, the popular Pablo Garcia Suarez, and two former councilors also of the PP, had been vaccinated in this center, without corresponding to them for any reason.

Zuloaga explained that, given the complaint that has come via the media about the residence, the Ministry of Health has opened a file and demanded from this center total clarity in the relationship of people to be vaccinated who transferred to Public health. And he recalled in this regard that, in this case, it is the residence that is responsible for determining the people who are within the vaccination groups and forwarding the relationship to the Government, an institution that does not perform a double function of inspection to know at all times who is who in that relationship of people who run the residences.

This Wednesday, 2,011 doses of the vaccine against covid-19 were put in Navarra, which brings the number of vaccines administered to 47,220 in the Foral Community. Navarra has received 55,065 vaccines so far, reports the Regional Government in a statement. Navarra reported 78 new positive cases of Covid-19 infection and nine more hospital admissions due to the disease on Thursday, three of them in the ICU in Pamplona and its region, 59% of positive cases were registered, in the Estella-Lizarra area, 5%, and in Tudela, 12%. Regarding the age ranges of the newly registered cases, the majority group is 45 to 59 years old, with 26%; followed by those aged 15 to 29, with 24%. The average age of the new positives is 35.6 years and 54% of the cases are women. The Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, has estimated the incidence of the British strain of covid in Andalusia at 41 percent of infections, which is the majority in the case of Campo de Gibraltar, with 51 percent of cases

As he explained this Thursday during his visit to the Punta de Europa hospital, in Algeciras (Cádiz), with the “growth speed” shown by the British strain, it will be the predominant one at Andalusian level “in a week or ten days”, The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has highlighted that Spain is currently among the top 10 countries in the world with a population that has received the complete administration of the coronavirus vaccine. During his appearance at the Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies, Darias highlighted the effort being made by the European Commission, the Government, and the autonomous communities so that the vaccination process continues to advance at a “good pace”.

The number of new cases of coronavirus in the Region of Murcia has stood at 126 in the last 24 hours, in a day in which thirteen people have died from Covid-19. Thus, the number of deaths registered by this disease in the Community amounts to 1,379, according to Europa Press from the data provided by the Epidemiology Service corresponding this Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. The total number of people affected by Covid-19 in the Region of Murcia since the beginning of the pandemic stands at 104,625. The number of active cases stands at 2,277 in the Region of Murcia (407 less than the previous day), of which 424 are admitted to hospitals (39 less). Of these, 110 are in intensive care (nine fewer).

35% of Spanish teachers claim to have needed professional help to manage nerves and stress, according to a study that shows how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting education professionals. The data is part of the OMCI Report on Teachers during COVID-19, prepared by the Montessori Canela International entity from random surveys of 1,306 members of educational personnel from all over Spain. According to the study, consulted by Efe, 72% of those surveyed admit that they are nervous all day, 56% say they avoid tasks and responsibilities due to this situation and 80% affirm that they have been overcome by the pandemic. Of the latter, 33% state that they are unable to concentrate on their work.

The main associations of the commerce and hospitality sectors have presented this Thursday an Alliance to increase their capacity for dialogue with the administrations, from which they request 12,500 million euros in direct aid to mitigate the impact of the crisis of the coronavirus, reports Efe. The Alianza del Comercio y Hostelería de España was born with a single objective, which is to gain muscle to try to have its claims addressed since the coronavirus pandemic began. Cantabria has registered fewer new cases of coronavirus than on Tuesday, fewer hospitalized and a lower incidence per 100,000 inhabitants in a day in which there have not been more deaths from Covid-19 to regret.

This was reported by the vice president of the regional government, Pablo Zuloaga, at a press conference, followed by Europa Press, in which he specified that 52 new cases of coronavirus were recorded on Wednesday, 18 less than the previous day, and first thing in the morning. today, another ten cases. Thus, the accumulated positives in the community add up to 25,338, and those cured 22,118. Currently, there are 2,718 positives, of which 2,593 are in-home quarantine and seven are sanitary. With data until 8:00 am today, there are 125 hospitalized for Covid in Cantabria, four less than on Tuesday, while 23 people continue to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Researchers from the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital (VHIO) in Barcelona (Spain), the Milan Polyclinic Hospital (Italy), and the University of Basel (Switzerland) have identified that during pregnancy the placenta exerts a protective effect against the coronavirus, reports Efe. This international study, in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, seeks to analyze the impact of the virus on the pathophysiology of the placenta and its consequences on the newborn.

Through a clinical, morphological, and molecular analysis of a cohort of 37 pregnant women who gave birth in the first wave of the pandemic in Italy, 21 of whom had Covid-19, it was observed that, although the virus was able to infect the placentas, no evidence of transmission was found in any newborn. The PSOE-A parliamentary spokesman, José Fiscal, today called on the Government of the Junta de Andalucia to accelerate the rate of vaccination” against the coronavirus with “the 193,837 doses it has in the fridge, many more than necessary as a remnant in case there is a delay in the arrival of more.

They have more than 193,000 vaccines in the fridge many more, according to our advisers than are necessary to have a remnant in case of delay he said to later wonder why they are not used It will be that they do not have the capacity management also in this matter has been answered. The Congress of Deputies rejected this Thursday, with 155 votes in favor, four abstentions, and 191 against, a motion as a consequence of urgent interpellation to create a committee of experts with a member of each political party that supervises the Government’s Vaccination Plan against coronavirus.

Its defender, Isidro Manuel Martinez Oblanca, from Foro Asturias, highlighted during the parliamentary debate, the importance of this committee that, in case of incidents, delays in vaccine supply or new immunization needs against aggressive viral variants and mutations,  make any possible readjustments to your application schedule reports Europa Press. Thus, it was included to incorporate into the tasks of this committee an expert proposed by each of the Parliamentary Groups of Congress.

Andalusia has registered 1,803 new coronavirus infections in the last twenty-four hours, almost the same figure as yesterday’s -1,788-, while the number of deaths has been 83, six more than yesterday, although less than on Tuesday when 113 people died. Thus, the total number of infections registered in the region since the beginning of the pandemic amounts to 463,265, and the number of deaths to 7,934, according to data from the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA), collected by Efe. The contagion rate in Andalusia in the last fourteen days is 372.2, and the province of Almería stands out above, with 500.7 and Cadiz, slightly below 500, with 493.3 per 100,000 inhabitants

The Ministry of Health has notified this Thursday 3 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours in the Balearic Islands, with which the death toll rises to 679 since the pandemic began; and it has reported the detection of 84 more infections of SARS-CoV2, which is 55,482 from a year ago. The healthcare pressure continues to improve, with 159 hospitalized Covid-19 patients, which are 21 less than the day before; and 78 admitted to the ICU, 2 less. The positivity rate of the 3,230 detection tests carried out in the last 24 hours is 2.6%, according to Efe in the daily report of the Government.

The Junta de Castilla y León has agreed this Thursday to nullify the provincial perimeter closure that had been in force since last January 15 while maintaining the regional closure and to eliminate the maximum limit of 25 faithful in religious spaces, by allowing a third of the capacity.This was announced by the vice president and spokesperson of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, at the press conference after the Governing Council, where the regional president and delegated authority of the central government Alfonso have said that citizens need to recover their go out and be with their loved ones and since they cannot do it at homes because they are sources of contagion she celebrates that at less they can do it in safer places as the hospitality industry says.

The Community of Madrid delays from this Thursday the beginning of the curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and allows the closure of the hotel business at that same time instead of at nine, as happened until now, although the Bars and restaurants will not be able to admit new clients after ten at night. In the plenary session of the Assembly, during a question from the PP, Ayuso commented that the economy reactivated in the hotel industry and stressed that Madrid, despite going through difficulties and its population density, is combining the two in the pandemic economy and health.

The Government of La Rioja has confirmed that the anti-Covid-19 measures in force in La Rioja since last January 22 have come to reduce the number of diagnosed cases of the disease by 19.9% ​​daily, compared to a 7.5 % decrease registered in the country as a whole since January 31.Also, they explain through a video broadcast by social networks, seen by Europa Press, that the 14-day Accumulated Incidence (IA14) of the coronavirus in La Rioja stands at 296 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the positivity

Galicia registers 10,908 dynamic instances of Covid this Thursday, a figure that addresses very nearly 5,800 not exactly those detailed only seven days ago. However, it as of now collects 2,147 passings because of the contamination, 108 more than at that point.82.9% of the populace will get inoculated against Covid when their turn comes. This is reflected in the most recent CIS gauge, which shows an increment of more than 10 focuses contrasted with the overall assessment in January when 72.5% of those reviewed were agreeable to getting an immunization. Confidence in Covid Vaccines Grows

An examination by the Foundation reflects how the Covid emergency has quickened the execution of innovations in our lives, however, it has additionally set off dangers to our privacy. Half of the Spaniards accept that the Government utilizes the web to control the populace in the pandemic sixteen enormous urban areas of the Valencian Community are experiencing their fourth few days of edge conclusion due to the coronavirus from this Friday, so between three PM on Friday and six AM on Monday you won’t enter or leave them aside from legitimized reasons.

It is a measure that started to be applied the most recent few days of January to attempt to stop the spread of the Covid, under the reason that the less portability there are fewer contaminations and that it will be rehashed one week from now, since all the Restrictions of the Valencian Community like the complete conclusion of the neighborliness business and the conclusion of unnecessary shops at 6:00 p.m are in power until March 1 in any event.

Meals get back to Madrid today. The restaurateurs inhale a moan of alleviation, what’s more, local people too. Fashion scenes as of now have enough reservations made for this hotly anticipated night when shutting hours are stretched out to 11 around evening time. Suppers are nearly everything for us, Exclaims Marta Seco, proprietor of Grupo Paraguas, with quite possibly the chicest cafés in the city. They have been troublesome days for the greater part of the restaurateurs in Madrid since last January 25 they needed to close at nine around evening time to stop the development of the coronavirus. Dinners are back: “These three weeks have been sensational

The Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG) cautioned this Thursday that the current wellbeing framework, particularly Primary Care, needs a more well-being workforce to confront a monstrous inoculation crusade against the Covid planned for the following, not many days. The SEMG guaranteed that on the off chance that it is completed with the current staff it will be at the expense of an increment in work or the deserting of their own capacities, which would need to forfeit to have the option to do it with nobility, reports Servimedia.

The Official State Gazette (BOE) has distributed this Thursday the request that obliges explorers showing up at any Spanish air terminal from Brazil or South Africa to isolate from next February 22 to evade the development of the new variations of the Covid. The pastoral request that the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, progressed yesterday underscores that the new variations of SARS-CoV2 have addressed another test in the battle against the illness since they might be related to an expansion in contagiousness destructiveness or they can influence the reaction limit of immunizations.

Hence, Spain has been receiving remarkable measures lately to restrict its spread like limiting departures from both the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil which has signified a decrease in travelers from these nations. Albeit the fourteen-day request affects individuals who meet the necessities set out in the different arrangements keep on showing up. The Government of Aragon has approved starting tomorrow Friday the lifting of the border repression of the city of Zaragoza, which had been shut since last January 15. With right around 667,000 occupants, the measure influences the greater part of the number