Control Z Season 3

The series is a Mexican drama for teens, created by Carlos Quintanilla Sakar Adriana Pelusi, Miguel Garcia Moreno and Miguel Garcia Moreno. It was first shown in May 2020.

This story is about an anonymous hacker who leaks student secrets at school. It causes panic and panic. An introverted student decides to discover who the hacker is. Fans want to know if Season 2 of the series will be renewed.

Control Z Season 3: Renewal Status And Potential Release Date…

Control Z is still unrenewable for season 3. This is despite obvious fan demand. The series could also be in danger of being cancelled due to poor ratings.

Despite getting mediocre reviews on IMDB of 6.9/10 and an rating of 2/5, it was still renewed for a second series. While some shows were receiving higher reviews, others have been cancelled. Titles like Ozark, The society, and Dead to Me were among those that were cancelled. The series doesn’t look very good if it is based on its ratings.

This to recommend that people watch the drama. A Twitter poll concluded with 78.1% of 613 votes saying people should “stream it!” Google reviews also indicated 4.6/5 with 1.5k people having reviewed and reviewed the series. This suggests that renewal is possible.

There are a possibility the story will continue because of the Season 2 ending. Please see below. The series has the potential to continue the intense storyline from Season 3.

That the show, if renewed, will air in summer 2022. This is consistent with the production timelines of seasons 1 & 2. Fans can watch the trailer for Season 2 below until an announcement has been made.

YouTube video

What Would The Plot Be For Season 3?

Season 2’s conclusion showed Alex trying to get Luis money and Alex running away with Gabriela. Sofia and Javi run to the rescue of Gerry but events ensue that lead to everyone grappling over the bag of money and Susana is sent flying over the edge of the rooftop.

Pablo is seen kneeling over her, as he gazes up at the others and she lies in a pool full of her blood. But he makes his escape and grabs the money. This was the money they planned to use to rescue Natalia.

Season 3 might see the students gather money and themselves to rescue Natalia, while also dealing with the aftermath of Susana’s passing – though this is technically not clear.

She would appear to have died from the fall she took, and the blood that was coming out of her mouth. However, we watched her struggle for breath at the end of Season 2. Sofia, Javier, Raul, Gerry, Alex, Maria, and her friend could all be implicated in murder if she dies, which Pablo would know and use as leverage to keep himself and the money safe, as all parties have dirt on one another.